Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old and New

Out with the old and in with the new! We got Eden's mattresses for her big girl bed. While we were at the furniture store we found a bedroom set that we fell in love with. Because we finished paying off our couches we decided that we could afford to splurge and get another bedroom set. We've been wanting a king size bed for so long and I'm so glad that we broke down and got the set. I love it! It was a pain to get here and dressed, but I love it none the less!

Here's how the furniture buying/delivering went:
We ordered the Eastern King because it's more of a square {California Kings are more narrow by 6 inches, but they're longer}.
We went shopping for Eastern King bedding {hard to come by out here in California!}
Delivery guys showed up *on time* with our new stuff.
Delivery people put our new furniture up in our room and begin to assemble it.
They discovered that the bed frame was a California King and the mattresses were an Eastern King set.
Delivery guys tell us there's no way to get the Eastern King headboard up the stairs, so we had to stick with the California King {but still get new mattresses delivered}
I had to go shopping for new bedding {again}
They didn't have what we wanted in California King, so I had to shop at 3 different stores to find something for us - which I like better anyways, so that's fine.
Our mattresses didn't show up until 9:30pm and they woke Eden up by tearing off the plastic wrapping in the hallway outside of her room.

Anyways, here's our new stuff...I could quite possibly be in love!

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