Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Cookies

Eden and I made cookies {with Daddy's help} for Santa. I realized that Lane and I ate all of the cookies that we had - they were pumpkin with chocolate chips, so who could leave any behind?! Since all the cookies were gone, we had to have some cookies to put out for Santa. It seemed appropriate to make Parker's favorite cookies since he wasn't able to spend Christmas with us. Eden loved making cookies and mixing the ingredients together. She may or may not have dumped the brown sugar onto the counter/floor/chair she was standing on because she missed the bowl. Lane and I just laughed and cleaned it up later. So, Santa got some peanutbutter/hershey kiss cookies this year {and we tested them before leaving them out and they were de-lish!}
Round 1 with the brown sugar...
Round 2, Mommy was more hands on to make sure the brown sugar went INTO the bowl this time!

All done. We rolled them in red and green sugar crystals instead of just sugar to make them look super Christmas-y!
Eden smiling with the cookies so we can send a picture to Parker at Boot Camp.
Excited to put cookies out for Santa!
Santa came, ate the cookies, drank the milk, and left a note for Eden.
Her note: Eden, Thank you for my yummy cookies. They were delicious. Be a good girl this year and I will make sure to come next Christmas. Help Mommy and Daddy with your new brother and show him how to be a good boy. Have a very Merry Christmas ~Santa

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