Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Family Traditions

This year since we are celebrating Christmas as a family of 3, almost 4, for the first time we're combining some family traditions from each the Daigle and Travis sides of the family. We've never had to do this on our own, so it's a bittersweet Christmas for me. Lane always expected that he would join the Marine Corps and move away from home, so I'm not sure it is as bittersweet for him as it is for me. I didn't always plan on marrying into the military and I think in the back of my mind {before marriage} Christmas would always be spent at home. We've been lucky that in the 4 Christmases that we've shared together as husband a wife that this is the first one we will be away from our families. I hope you enjoy the Christmas traditions that will be a part of our Daigle-Travis Christmas this year!

Mulling Spices * something oh, so simple, yet reminds me of my dad. One of the things that he always does at Christmas time is constantly heat apple cider on the stove and the smell is spectacular! I got out my spices this year and made sure to put a pot on the stove so I could enjoy the smell of "home" even though we aren't home this year.

White Chocolate Pretzels * Lane's mom always makes these and I made them {they're already gone!} so we could have a taste of home.

Christmas Eve Dinner * Pat always cooks Christmas Eve dinner and all of the extended family gathers together to celebrate Christmas as a large group so we can individually on Christmas day. This year none of the Travis clan will be at Christmas Eve dinner because Mom and Dad are going to Fripp {to ignore the fact that home is silent on Christmas morning for sure!}, Lane and I are in California with Eden, and Parker is in Chicago for Navy Boot Camp. Since we will be having our own Christmas Eve Dinner we will have bleu cheese wrapped steak, spinach salad, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, and rolls. At Lane's request we are having chocolate pudding for dessert. I know, I was planning on baking all day long or making banana pudding from scratch, but all he wants is chocolate pudding! I got off easy this time.

Video of the descent * Each year Parker and I descend the stairs with Dad videoing the occasion. Eventually Lane made it into the video when we were married, and then when Eden was born, Dad passed the video responsibility on to Lane. I still came down the stairs with Parker, but then Eden was with us too, so this is the first year that I will walk down the stairs at a house that is not Mom and Dad's house. I guess it shows growing up, I will be walking down the stairs of my own home with my child while my husband videos the decent and the discovery of what Santa brought.

Sausage Balls * Lane's mom always makes sausage balls on Christmas while they open gifts. When we were home for Thanksgiving Lane's mom passed on the recipe and it will be just like opening gifts on Christmas morning with family. {We are sacrificing the casseroles from both the Travis family and the Daigle family in order to have a hashbrown casserole. Lane's not too happy about this, but hopefully the sausage balls make up for the sacrifice!}

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