Monday, December 28, 2009


Well, I've successfully let a long period of time pass since my last blog...I was getting so good at this and I'm starting to get lazy with it again! I promise to try to get better at this whole thing before it's all over!

So...on the 17th we packed up and headed to GA for Christmas and didn't get home until last night - it was a great LONG visit! When we first got to GA my parents were in Mississippi visiting my sister and her family. They went so that they could watch the girls Christmas ballet show and Lauren's piano recital. I saw pictures from the ballet show and the girls looked so grown up. Dad also had a video of Lauren's piano piece and she did a beautiful job with her piece! I think Mom and Dad were just a week shy of being able to see Noah in the Christmas parade with his scout troop - which I know was awesome because Karen told me that it started to snow that evening and that the turn out was great. I am so proud of all of them!

Once we got to GA we hung out with the Daigle side of the family for a couple of days and we were able to play games and sit around and talk while eating delicious baked goodies! Most nights we ended up playing what we called the dice game or Mafia, but we also played uno and the last word - all of which brought on LOTS of laughter and fun for everyone!

On the first Saturday that we were in town we had a jam packed day full of fun! We started by going to Pat and Paul's house to have our annual cookie decorating party with all the kids. Parker and I still participate because the tradition started with the 2 of us when we were kids and gradually got bigger as our cousins started having children too. Next year it will be even bigger because Eden will be there and one of my cousins is having her 3rd over the summer! After the cookie party we rushed off to the Fugedy Christmas party that we go to whenever we're in town at the right time. (We had to miss last years because we came in town too late.) At this party we always eat way too much and sing Christmas carols by the piano - and trust me, you better be singing!

After a long night at the Fugedy home we had a lazy Sunday and just watched movies and hung around doing not much of anything. I had been coming down with a cold and Sunday was probably one of the days that I felt the worst and so Lane brought me hot tea in bed and Parker later made me lunch while I layed around doing nothing but sleeping! Mom and Dad got home on Sunday and Dad made my favorite dinner - clay pot chicken! It was great being able to finally see them since we had been in town for 3 nights already.

Monday was a hectic day because it all started with Lane waking up and being sick to his stomach (we got lucky and it ended up being a 24 hour bug, but it was a rough 24 hours for him!) I went to physical therapy with Dad for his recovery from his rotator cuff repair and he's doing really well! His range of motion and his strength is great for the point of recovery that he's at! After therapy we went home to check on Lane - who was still white as a sheet and only able to eat saltines and drink ginger ale - and then Mom and I ran off to Pat's house to make all of her Christmas cookies. We got to Pat's around 11 that morning and I didn't leave her house until about 6 or 7 that evening. We made TONS of cookies and had lots of fun. After cookies were done I went home and sat on the couch with Lane while he pitifully watched TV with the family.

Tuesday was a slow day for us - thank goodness, all we had done was be on the go since getting to GA! We had pictures taken of our (mine and Lane's) family with Eden. A friend of ours from the youth group at Snellville UMC has taken up photography as a hobby and she was willing to test her skills out on us! I'm sure glad that she did because all of the pictures ended up being beautiful and I couldn't have asked for better pictures!

Wednesday was a day that Lane and I went different directions and I had dinner with some of my sorority sisters from North GA - Sara and Alaina. We went to a pizza place and enjoyed catching up and reminiscing about college and who was doing what these days and all the good stuff! It was great to see them and exciting to have dinner with Alaina because her boyfriend was due to come in Thursday morning from Iraq for his 2 week R&R - which was a surprise to his family!

Thursday and Friday we celebrated Christmas with our different traditions - Pat's for dinner on Christmas Eve, Lane and I went to Dunwoody UMC for church at 11:00 and Lane was able to sing with the choir, come home to our Christmas pj's that Santa delivered earlier than the other presents, wake up for the Christmas morning video, brunch with Pat and Paul, go to the Daigle's for gifts and Christmas dinner and games after that! We had a fun filled 2 days, but it was AWESOME and we couldn't have asked for more!

Saturday I had another baby shower that was mostly friends from high school and college. I haven't seen some of those girls in YEARS so it was great to get to see them again. It was great that Lane's sister, Angela, and LONG TIME family friend, Tommie, were both still in town and able to make it to the shower. Neither one of them live close, so it was cool to be able to include them in the festivities that they probably wouldn't have been able to come to had it been any other time than right around Christmas! Mom and I went to Babies R us after the shower and got some stuff that I had either forgotten to register for or that I had wanted to get before coming home.

Let's see what I didn't add to the novel above: Eden is doing well, she still kicking and flipping up a storm! I have started to be uncomfortable more often. I've got what seems to be the infamous pelvic pressure and it makes it hard to sit in one position for too long, yet I feel very stiff when I go to change positions. There have been times that Lane looks at me and asks if I'm serious about how slow I get out of the car or into the bed and I just glare and say "don't ask" because it is uncomfortable. A lot of times I'm simply trying to see if repositioning myself one way over another is more comfortable.

I go to the doctor next Tuesday, so if I haven't updated before then I will definitely update after my appointment!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Doctor

I had my first OB appointment down here in Florida yesterday. Everything went well and Eden and I are both healthy with no complaints from the doctor. The doctor spent about an hour in the appointment with us and was very thorough with everything that he told us. I'm excited because he did say that he likes to make his own deliveries when the time comes if he's able to make them. He let us know that he has a family of his own and if he happens to be at a family event that his family is important and they take priority, but that there's not anyone in Labor and Delivery that he wouldn't trust to deliver his own children.

The doctor hit the high points within his examination and all seemed to look good to him...
Eden's heart rate: 140s, looked good
My lungs and heart rate: no specifics, but looked good
Uterine measurement: right at 27 weeks
Due date: March 10
Weight gain: 13 pounds, looked good
Exercise: at least 20-30 minutes daily, mostly walking at this point

If you want to be included in the "Baby News" email group that I've got started for when Eden arrives, please send us your email address. We want to make sure that everyone who wants the details, gets them so make sure you've given us any information that we might need!!!!

Well, I think that hits the important stuff and we'll be in touch.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!

So now that A LOT of time has passed since our last post I figured I'd keep everyone updated about the happenings in Florida now that we're here. We did indeed make it here safe and sound and we did eventually find a house. Once we made it into the house we had about 4 days of no furniture, no TV, and no internet. By the time we got all of our technologies up and running, we were heading back to GA for Thanksgiving. It was nice to be able to spend the holiday at home with both families because last year we weren't able to make it to GA to celebrate with them. We will also be able to go back to GA in another couple of weeks to celebrate Christmas with the family so we're even more excited about that! Both fall/winter holidays in GA with both families...who could ask for more?!

Next week I will to go the doctor for the first time since we've been in Florida to meet my new doctor. I'm excited about the new doctor because where I was before I was not being seen by the doctor that was going to deliver Eden. The hospital with the Labor and Delivery unit is attached to the doctors' office that I will be seen at so the doctors do their best to deliver for each of their patients! Lane and I were able to go to L&D when we were at the clinic/hospital dropping off records and getting everything situated when we first got here and it is actually very nice. It is in the pent house of the hospital and it is rather large. They have 2 wings (east and west I'm assuming) and the rooms are HUGE. It is set up so that I will deliver, recover, and stay in the same room the whole time. They also let the babies stay in the room with the new parents and they only leave to go to the nursery if they need oxygen or something like that where 1-1 care is provided. I will have my appointment and keep you updated as I get any new news about me/Eden/Lane!!!!