Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Parker's girlfriend, Sara, lives nearby and her parents have land and a horse! Of course when Sara saw that we had taken Eden to the fall festival before leaving Texas and that Eden loved the horses she offered to let us come visit Dawson, her horse. On the trip up to Sara's house Parker took his own car because Lane and I were going to go visit North Georgia with Eden. Eden was upset that Parker wasn't in our car so we kept telling her that she would see him when we got to Sara's house and that when we got to Sara's house she would also see the "neigh" and that seemed to hold her over. Once we got to see the neigh she was beyond ecstatic. Now every time Sara comes up in conversation Eden asks to see the neigh and we have to bring her back to earth and remind her that the horse doesn't go where Sara goes!
Eden meeting Dawson

Not too sure about him smelling her. She said "no bite" even though he was just smelling!

North Georgia campus from the new terrace above the new chow hall. 
Mommy and Eden watching the Corps of Cadets getting ready for a flag football game.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real Estate

I'm not talking about the new house or any other house either! I'm talking about the real estate that is within me, and this Baby Boy thinks that he can just move in and take up as much space as he wants! When I first started showing I thought I was carrying really low. My thoughts for that were based on the pressure that I was feeling from him. I no longer believe that he is laying low.

This little boy is taking up the prime real estate that my lungs once occupied! I can no longer walk around the house without stopping to take in a deep breath because my lungs just aren't able to expand like they could before. I already get punched/kicked in the ribs too. I'm not sure if they're hands or feet though - the ultrasound back in October showed that he's completely folded in half and his feet are right by his hands. I can't complain about the punches/kicks in the ribs because he's constantly reminding me that he's there and doing well.

Most days Baby Boy just does flips and turns and dances around, but today I'm thinking he took a kick boxing class behind my back - literally! I've felt him over on my right side where I'd venture to say my back begins. He's kind of under my arm I were to stand and just let my arm rest at my side. So much for telling Eden that her brother is in my belly! He's actually in my back now a days.

Speaking of Baby Boy, Lane and I are trying to come to some sort of an agreement on getting fabric, bedding, decorations, and the such for his room. Oh my goodness, I thought I was picky when it came to decorating Eden's room when I was pregnant with her. Ugh, this is super hard. I don't want to go with a theme room because I just don't like them. I don't have a reason for not liking them, I just don't. That makes it hard to justify to Lane when he sees something "ultra boy" and wants to go with it for the room. He likes the sports themes, the nautical themes, and anything else that he would classify as boy, but he doesn't like the idea of just using the colors as a theme for the room and decorating around that. I'm not sure why, but then again he's not sure why I'm opposed to it either! Oy, it's going to be a hard decision for us when it comes to figuring this out!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Pink Pig

Today Eden and I had the opportunity to go see the Macy's Pink Pig with Mimi, Angela, Mack, and Tommie. It was lots of fun and Eden loved being able to go for a ride on Pricilla the Pink Pig. I had fun re-living the tradition of the Pink Pig {and introducing it to Angela, Mack, Tommie, and even Eden since she didn't get to go last year.}
Grandma, Eden, Tommie, Mack, Mimi, and Angela heading into the Pink Pig tent.

Eden and Mack getting ready to go in! Mack proclaimed that Eden was her "best friend" today.
Grandma and Mimi with the girls.

The moms with the girls.

Eden dancing with the other children while we were waiting in line to get tickets for the ride.

Eden and Mack talking together while dancing with the other kids.

We have our ticket and we're on the next ride!

Everybody buckled up and ready to ride.


She got a sticker saying she rode the Pink Pig.

Wearing her shirt and hugging her pig.

Giving her pig a kiss.
After having a chance to see and ride the pig we headed home and stopped on the way to have lunch. While we were driving to the pig, Mack noticed that we passed a Chick-fil-a. Up in Chicago they don't get to eat there and so it was an exciting option for lunch. When we were walking out of the Pink Pig Mack asked us where we were going to stop to eat lunch on the way home. Mimi and I were excited to tell her that we were going to eat at Chick-fil-a...and they had a small door just for her and Eden at this particular Chick-fil-a {it's a Dwarf House!} She was so excited to be able to go to Chick-fil-a AND get to go through the small door!
Eden and Mack at the Dwarf House. It was much harder than expected to get a decent picture of both girls at the same time!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bed Time?

I love being in Georgia. We're having a great time with family and the fall colors here this year are fabulous! Supposedly they haven't been this great for years, but let me tell you, they are very vibrant and very pretty now.
We have loved being able to be around so much family and friends that we don't get to see very often. Last night Sara and Adam came to visit us and have dinner with us in addition to Uncle Papa and Avery (my cousins oldest daughter). Tonight Lane's family came over to my parents' house to have dinner. This was very exciting because his dad had a quadruple bypass surgery last Monday. It was great that he felt up to coming over for dinner and being out of the house later in the day since that's when he's the most tired and starting to feel not-so-hot.

Tomorrow me, Eden, Mimi, Angela, Mack, Grandma, and Tommie are all going to pile into the van and head down to Lenox Mall to see the Macy's Pink Pig. Parker and I used to ride the Pink Pig every year when we went to the Festival of Trees with Pat. It used to be above the festival on a track and you'd get to ride it around above and see everything from the ceiling. It was cool when we were kids and now they've brought it back and it's at the mall in a train form. We went a few years ago with Karen and her family when they were in town, and this will be Eden's first Pink Pig experiece! I can't wait for it!

With all the excitement that we've had going on around here bed time has been hard to come by. I'm not sure if the time change is getting the best of Eden, but night time sleep is hard to get going. Once she's asleep she's been fine, but getting there has been a battle. Winding down isn't always easy to come by because she's excited to see Frasier, Pop, Mimi and whoever else was here right before bed time. I'm hoping in the coming weeks she starts to get on a more regular night time schedule, but that might mean cutting out fun things in the evening which I'm not sure I'm willing to do. We can all sleep when we're dead, right?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All My Bags Are Packed

We're ready! Tomorrow we leave for Atlanta for 2 weeks. I am so excited about making a trip to Atlanta with Lane. He hasn't been home since Christmas last year, so this is way overdue for him. I haven't decided if I'm more excited about navigating airports with a partner in crime and having an extra set of hands to help with Eden and stuff or if I'm excited that he gets to go home.

Our camera is packed up and ready to capture great moments while we're home. We plan on seeing lots of family and friends while we're in town and we have a lot on our plates. I'm sure when we get home we'll be ready for a vacation from our vacation! It isn't something I'd trade for the world no matter how tired we might be when we get back.

And speaking of getting back. I made an appointment with my new doctor and I will be able to see Baby Boy. I'm happy to have something to look forward to once we return. Leaving family is never easy, so it will be nice to have something exciting on the home front. I promise to update as often as I can while we're in Georgia, but I won't promise that it will be often.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Backyard

The more we look into what's in our back yard we get more and more excited about it. There is SO much back there! We know we have 2 lime trees, a grapefruit tree, a mandarin orange tree, another citrus tree {we thought it was lemon, but the fruit isn't turning yellow, but it looks different than the 2 lime trees we have}, tomatoes, 2 rosemary bushes, grapes, cacti, beautiful flowers, and other herbs that we just aren't sure what they are. Not to mention the hot tub surrounded by palm trees. How can you resist our yard?! It's fabulous.

{Side note: we can't use our hot tub right now because of electrical issues. Lane filled the hot tub and the electrician came out to fix our dryer hook up and discovered that our electrical panel shouldn't have passed the inspection for the house. Ugh. The panel is overloaded and when the previous owners put in the spa they used the 240v breaker for the spa and removed the power from the laundry room because they had a gas dryer. Anyways, long story a little shorter, we have to file a claim against the inspector because of the panel not passing inspection, and we're also trying to get the electrician work covered by the previous owners since they told us the outlet worked when they had removed power to the outlet to install the spa. One day I'll be able to soak my feet in the hot tub while Lane lounges in it!}

November 9 - Eden helping Daddy fill the hot tub.
November 9 - Checking it out.
November 9 - The colors in the house with the curtains tacked up. They've since been hung and the other window has coverings now too.
November 13 - Ginger lounging in the back yard.
Some weird looking plant that is just interesting to look at.

The beautiful palms in the corner of the back yard. This is where the grapefruit tree is and a rosemary bush too.
The vine that bears grapes! We just discovered the fruit on it today.
Birds of Paradise flower. Isn't it amazing how they look like birds?!
Some of the tiki torches in the back yard. These will be fabulous when we get some fluid in them!
What we thought might be a lemon tree, but the fruit is staying green, so maybe a different kind of lime tree? The leaves look different on this tree than the other lime trees though, so we'll just have to wait and see.
Just a few of the limes on one of our very luscious lime tree.
One of the mandarin oranges we have. This little guy is almost ready to come off the tree!
Tons of buds on our hibiscus bush. I'm glad about this because I had to leave behind our pretty one in Texas.

Strawberries in the front yard.
...more roses...
...and more roses...
...and even more roses in the front yard!
Tomato plant. Just need this little guy to get red!
This plant smells really good, but I don't know what it is. We thought maybe an herb, but the leaves are fuzzy, so now I'm thinking some sort of fruit. I'm not too sure. If you know, let me know!
Rosemary - this is one of 2 rosemary bushes.
The hot tub with the palm trees surrounding it. Beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds!