Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

This is the story of our lives for the next month and we got a jump start on needing sleep but not getting it when we were in Texas. With packing for the move, Lane and I were up much later than Eden. The late nights didn't phase us when we were at home and able to move at a slow pace when we needed to. Now that we're on the road its another story. Plus, add the fact that Eden isn't sleeping much and you've got 2 very tired parents!

We started our trip in central time zone and yesterday we entered mountain time...and then Arizona...and we didn't realize that they don't do daylight savings. All of a sudden it wasn't the time we thought it was! So, we lost 2 hours in our day and Eden was feeling it for sure. Her lack of naps for 2 days didn't help anything either. The most she's napped is 45 minutes and she's still only napping once a day.

The first night in a hotel wasn't terrible. It wasn't easy to get Eden to sleep, but we got her down and she stayed down most of the night. She woke up once, but fell right back to sleep on her own.

The second night {last night} in the hotel was terrible! It started with dinner. We had the bright idea to get a sit down meal because it felt like it could be healthier than another fast food meal. Eden's meltdown began at Mimi's Cafe in Tucson last night and carried on to the hotel.

Once again, we were able to get her to sleep and into her bed with little fight from her, only this time it didn't last! She slept for about 2 hours and was up from about 10:30pm until 2am! She wasn't happily awake during those hours either. I would venture to say that she was crying, screaming, or downright refusing to go to sleep about 95% of the time she was awake. If she fell asleep, she would wake up yelling no more than 3 minutes later and we would have to do it all over again. At one point we were at a loss and Lane re-did bed time and changed her diaper and started over from the beginning. Nothing seemed to work.

When she finally fell asleep it was 2am and our alarm clocks were set for 6:30 so we could get on the road and get to San Diego before close of business so we can sign papers for our house.  That just isn't enough sleep for anyone! Oh, and especially not enough when Eden thought 5:30 was a better wake up time than 6:30. She did fall back asleep in our bed, but Lane went ahead and got up and packed us up as much as he could so we could jump in the car and go. Today has been a pretty long day for us, but Eden has been pretty content with her movies and we're not restricting the usage of them today.

This weekend is when we "fall back" for daylight savings and we'll be in our new house so I'm hoping its a smooth transition of clocks unlike yesterday. Not to mention, when we get our things in the house we'll then be leaving soon after to head to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. We will take Eden through time again! We'll be there for 2 weeks, so she should adjust, just in time to return to California! Oh me, oh my. We're in for a month of fun...

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