Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When Lane left for deployment, he left behind one of his flight suits. Why he did it is beyond me, but I sent it out to him. Luckily for us super heroes are in! What better theme for a box than a super hero theme!

This is one of the pictures that came in a roll of pictures of superheroes. It was great distraction on the plane to Georgia. It was also great for restaurants and general entertainment for the kids.
Captain America! 
More entertainment from the airplane. The superhero pages are stickers that the kids put on the city-scape to decorate it. The Superman magnet is the one that Eden painted, and I let Hunter paint his before putting it in the box. The Batman hook I just thought was fun. We were told that the 3M hooks were great for having over there because he can hang towels, uniforms, and other things along those lines on them.
I got this picture from Lane with the caption of, "where Batman hangs his cape now."

Monday, July 29, 2013

Motherhood Is...{30}

This week I am blessed that we are one month closer to being a family of four again!

I can't believe that 2 months have already passed. Eden talks about Daddy every single day, and Hunter misses him when he sees him. We're all excited to celebrate with ice cream each month. I love that every month Hunter is more interested in the ice cream than the picture.
I go through phases of staying on top of life as a single mom with 2 kids and being completely buried deep beneath going here and there and keeping up with laundry and cooking and cleaning. I'm at an in between right now. When we got back from Georgia I was doing great {because my house was spotless thanks to friends!} and I was able to get caught up with the bathroom renos.

Now I'm getting super tired just thinking about getting things taken care of at home. I am trying to keep up with my running {I have a half marathon on August 18!} and I am being more on top of making the kids pick up the living room before dinner. That way when they melt down after dinner and need to get upstairs to get bed time going, the living room is already clean. I'm excited that it's been working so far - all 2 weeks of it!

No matter how we get through the next 5 months, we've made it the first 2, and that means that the next one will mark 3 down, 3 to go! We'll be at half way! If things keep coming and going in phases, we'll be set! I mean, life can't be all rainbows and butterflies anyways. I'll just continue to focus on the positive things and try not to dwell on the negative. So, this week I am blessed to be 2 months closer to hugging Lane again!

DIY Projects

Last year before Lane left on his around the world in September we decided it was a good time to demo the master bathroom {which led to demoing the upstairs hall bathroom.} I know, timing was terrible, but we did it anyways. And we were left with a bathroom that looked like this...
 After a year of small steps in the right direction, we slowly started putting things together in the master bath. We painted the walls the yellow that we wanted, we put up bead board on the walls, we hung curtains, and we even had the windows framed last week. They also filled the holes in the ceilings {from taking the boxes around the lights out} and I am totally in love with the progress that was made in just one day!
They're coming back to finish the big window.
Once the holes were patched I couldn't wait to get the ceilings painted. We learned after we started painting the walls in each bathroom that the ceilings were painted the same colors as the walls. They were terrible! I couldn't wait to make them white! Brown and butter yellow just aren't my colors...especially once I painted the colors I wanted on the walls.
The kids' bathroom.
Downstairs hall bathroom. Seafoam green-ish blue to white.
And I have the battle sweat and war paint to prove that I worked my butt off to get these bathrooms done! 
Most of the work has been done since I got home from Georgia. I made sure to paint and re-do the cabinets in 2 bathrooms. I had a contractor do the finish work in the master bathroom. I painted ceilings in the bathrooms. I am beyond exhausted {and it didn't hit me until today...and it hit me hard!} so I think I'm going to sleep for a very, very long time! Oh wait...I have 2 kids, so I'll just catch up on sleep a few minutes at a time!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jane Wayne Day 2013

Last year when my parents were in town, my mom and I got to go to Jane Wayne Day on her birthday. It's a day where we get to go and "be Marines" for the day. This year mom wasn't here, but I went with my friend Tracey. We had a lot of fun!

The morning started off with being yelled at by the Drill Instructors. "Go touch that tree!" "That wasn't fast enough!" "What? You don't want to yell?!" "Go touch that pole!" "Get down on the ground!" "When I say ________, you yell _______" "Did I say you can fix your hair?! Go run and touch that tree!" "You want to tie your shoe?! Go touch that pole!" Oh. My. Goodness! It was just as scary as last year!!!
After we were properly yelled at, we walked over to the simulator {sim} building. Once we were there we were given the choice of flying the C-130 or the F-18. Of course, Tracey and I chose to try out the C-130! We got to take off and land the sim. It was really cool how accurate it felt and looked. When we landed, it felt just like it does on a plane when you're a passenger.
This year we got to do something fun and different. They let us try out the night vision goggles {NVGs.} The goggles were really cool to try on and test out. They had puzzles for us to work on, paper and crayons for us to color with, army men set up in the center of the room, and all kinds of other things we could try out while using the goggles. They were interesting! We figures out how to use the phone up to the goggles to get some good pictures of what we saw through the lenses.
They told me I could sit in the XOs I did!
Getting our lesson on "how to"
Tracey through the goggles
Is that a glow stick? Or are you just happy to see me?

We noticed that this guy had on a glow stick, but without the goggles, you couldn't see it! You could see it swinging when he moved, so we knew it wasn't in his flight suit hiding. We couldn't figure it out! It is an infrared glow stick. One of the most cool things I've ever seen.
After the NVG lesson, we got to go to the test cell again. It's where they test the jet engines before putting them on the jets. The engine is mounted and taken to full power to ensure that it works properly. There are no words to describe this. It is a teeth-chattering, sinus-clearning, brain-out-your-nose experience! You are required to wear squishy ear protection that you put directly into your ears AND "Mickey Mouse" ear protection over the squishy ones {all terms are technical terms, can you tell?!}
When we had a chance to sit down and eat lunch, we were at the rifle range, so they gave us some MREs {meals ready to eat.} These are the meals that the Marines are given to have when they're in the field and don't have other food sources. All in all, they aren't that bad...if you get the right ones. I'll be the first to tell you that the chicken with noodles, "vegetables in sauce" is not one that you want to be given! It smelled like cat food and we didn't eat any of it! {You don't even get M&Ms with that one!}

We {luckily} weren't required to eat the MREs and they gave us real food! After lunch, we got to shoot. They let us shoot the M-16s again this year. They gave us our safety brief and let us loose! Well, sort of. Each rifle had a coach, so we were given our magazines and we headed to our coach to walk us through shooting the weapon. Once we were comfortable, we were given the opportunity to shoot at our targets at 200 yards.

Our last event for the day was going to the gas chamber. They didn't gas us, and we didn't get to see anyone in the gas chamber with gas. We did get to see someone put on the full "hazmat" suit and mask while being timed. They have 9 seconds to put on their masks and 8 minutes to get the full suit on.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Help

I love that Eden has been so helpful recently. Today, her helpfulness took the cake! Hunter woke up from his nap and had a dirty diaper. Not the dirty as in, it was wet. It was dirty! I took him downstairs to get him changed up and taken care of, but at some point got distracted by something. I don't know what {so you know it was important!} and then I headed back upstairs to paint the kids' bathroom.

Next thing I know, Eden is yelling up the stairs that Hunter "has poop pants" and I remember that, yes, yes indeed he has poop pants because I didn't change him 15 minutes ago like I was going to. Because I was painting, I had to get to a point that the paint wasn't going to be dripping on the walls and head downstairs to get the kid changed before he got an irritated bottom. {His butt can get a diaper rash in 0.5 seconds some days!}

Again, I hear Eden downstairs. She's telling him to lay down because he needs a new diaper. I was on my way downstairs, so I wasn't too worried about the goings on...until they were in view! They were in view and I saw that she was mid-diaper change! Um, what?!?! There was poop in that! Oh yes she did. She took his diaper off and was trying to wipe his butt...on my couch! Hunter sat up and she nudged him on the shoulder and he laid down. Once he was laying down again she wiped him and went to grab another diaper.

Oh. My. Goodness! My heart stopped and I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to yell and scream, "what are you thinking?! There could have been poop all over the place! You can't do this without Mommy around!!!!" but then quickly realized that she would never get the message that I do appreciate that she wanted to help and that she had the best of intentions. So, instead, I examined the area for any poop that might have come out of the diaper/off his bottom onto any other surface. There was none...whew!

I asked her for another wipe so I could make sure he was good and clean before getting a new diaper. After that I let her do the "one last wipe" where she made sure to wipe around his penis...her reaction was priceless! "Ew, Mommy...his privates..." with a look of slight disgust and the hand held out with attitude. I lifted Hunter's butt, she placed and secured the diaper, and we were done. Everyone was clean, my couch was clean, and I went back to painting! It's nice to have some good help around here!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Eden has been in a fabulous mood. She's been very cooperative, and super helpful around the house. Last week she walked into her toy room and said, "oh, this is a mess! I need to clean it up!"and proceeded to pick up all of her toys and put them away. Not once did she tell me that it was too hard or that it wasn't fun. It was bliss! That's just one example of how awesome it has been to have a cooperative preschooler. 

Hunter on the other hand...My goodness! If the kid could fall off of something he never should have been climbing on to begin with, or if he could trip over his own feet one more time it would be one time too many! He's busted his lip at least 2 days in a row. He's into everything. His most recent excitement is that he can climb in and out of his high chair. He climbs up onto the chair {which he has fallen out of at least once} then onto the table, then the tray of the high chair before climbing into the seat of it.

Life these days has been crazy, but mostly crazy-good! I'm loving the moment in my life right now. Life is easier because Eden is willing to help, and life is keeping my on my toes because of Hunter and his adventures. There's never a dull moment, and right now I'm enjoying it - except for Hunter hurting himself all the time!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Motherhood Is...{29}

This week I am blessed at the fact that Hunter still has a slight bit of childhood innocence left in him.

Check out that little diaper bum looking into the "wa wa" at church this morning. I don't think we walked past a single person who didn't "awe" at the fact that he was walking through church with just a shirt, diaper, and shoes on. Yeah, he's still small enough to get away with it - lucky!

When is it that our kids grow out of this innocence. I might have an answer for about {almost} 17 months! My goodness! This kid already tries his best to defy me, to get his way, to be mean when he can. Yes, I know, my cute little baby "can't possibly be doing that already." But he is. He's starting to push boundaries. He's starting to {want to} say no. He's starting to lose his innocence. So, while I still have a grip on some of it, I'm holding on! Today, walking out of church, I was reminded how little he still is - even if he is trying to grow up while I'm not looking.

If Eden hadn't had her underwear covered people would have stood to the side and pointed and whispered. But since it was the "baby," it was allowed that he didn't have on pants. Same goes with throwing a temper tantrum. The other day in Target {we're always in Target when things like this happen! You think I'd learn my lesson...but Target draws me in every. single. time!} Eden wanted a cake pop from Starbucks. I said she could have it after dinner if I got it, but that wasn't good enough...enter biggest tantrum {that my kids would NEVER throw - in my mind...before having kids of my own...} now! I sat in the frozen food section with my kids, tucked away from everyone else in the store, and said to Eden, "people don't want to hear this from a 3 year old. They expect this type of behavior from your brother. He's one." Yes, people expect that from a 1 year old...but not a 3 year old. Oh my...

Since Hunter hasn't hit 2 yet, he's allowed to act like a crazy person and {at a totally unrelated event} walk around without pants? He sure is! He still has a TEENY bit of innocence left in him. Eden is expected to know better {how unfair} and Hunter is allowed to have socially unacceptable behaviors when Eden and I can't? Fine. I'll just hold on to that innocence for as long as I can! Eden and I can suffer together because we're not allowed to throw tantrums {though we both do - usually at the same time - on opposite sides of the battle field} and we must wear pants in public {you're welcome!}

This is one of those "cherish the moment" deals with Hunter. I know he won't be this age for long. I know I won't be able to get away with him running around church in his diaper, his shirt, and his shoes for much longer. But while I can, I will! I'll let him be that cute, innocent toddler running around naked at church that everyone is "ohh"-ing and "ahhh"-ing over, while Eden and I walk out holding hands...because she still needs me and she still wants me! She has an even teenier bit of innocence than he does...but it's still there!

Oh, sweet innocence of childhood, please don't leave! I want my kids to need and want me forever. Bust since they can't, I'll just be blessed by it while I have it!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back At It

Now that we're home, we're busy getting back into our "normal" routine. Life back at home has been a bit of an adjustment. Not a bad one, just tiring! I had so many extra hands to help me out when we were in Georgia that now we're trying to get used to doing it alone again. The kids are learning that they can't get what they want at the drop of a hat. If I'm busy, requests have to wait, there's no one around to help them right then and there. I'm also having to remember to go to bed early {yeah right} because my mornings don't consist of taking the kids down to Mimi and Pop and going back to bed until 9 or 10 anymore! We're learning it all over again, and we're adjusting well. 
I'm back into my running routine - I have to! I have another half marathon that is just one month away. My shoes are being discontinued, so I had to stock up while they are still around. One pair is old, 2 are current, and the box is brand new!
The kids are having to get used to the time difference again! 

When we left the plums weren't ripe enough to eat, but now they are! Eden wakes up from her nap {or comes down from her "rest time"} asking for a plum. She goes outside and picks them for her and Hunter.
I've been doing some yard work since my house is so clean inside. I pruned the palm trees and cut the grass this week.
Hunter was walking along the wall in the back yard and took a pretty good spill. He scraped his nose and mouth. The night before he was leaning on the shower door and it opened on him. When it opened he fell onto the metal door frame for the shower with a bare bum. He's got a pretty good bruise to show for that fall. I think he's having to get used to being back home with our normal hazards!
We made a trip to the zoo with friends. The lions, elephants, and the gorillas were out having fun! We also made a stop at the splash pad in the safari park while we were there. That part makes the day worth it because it isn't so hot when you get to play in the water.
The beach is becoming one of our favorite things to do. There's a really nice beach about 30 minutes from home and the kids are loving it more and more every time we go. I'm getting used to the idea of sand and I'm not hating it as much as I once did. {Hunter was eating cherries, not bleeding!}
I keep the rocking chair {and other various items} on the couch when we aren't home to help keep the dogs off the couch. Hunter thought it looked like a fun place to sit and have his banana bread for breakfast...
On a day that she "wasn't tired" according to her.


A lot of the times when guys get deployed they grow mustaches. Lane is no exception to this rule - though I wish he was! He started his "statue," as Eden calls it {because she heard it refered to as a "stache"}, soon after his arrival in country and has since then become a stranger to our eyes! His mustache grew over night! I mean, one day he didn't have one, and the next it looked like a caterpillar was crawling across his face. It wasn't just that it grew was black and it was thick. Needless to say, I am hoping he doesn't come home with this unsightly thing on his face! Here is the story of Boris - the "statue"...

Look at that sweet, sweet baby face! No hair {well, sort of} and so handsome!
And then Boris started showing his ugly face. He came on strong! {This is just a few days in}
A few more days and Boris is getting more and more bold. {Lane was frustrated because we had a bad connection when we were talking, thus the weird expression.}
Boris is getting darker!

And there you have it, full on Boris. He came on that strong in a month! He had to be groomed and he was selfish. He stole all the attention when any conversations were going on. He eventually started stealing food from Lane {and that's where Lane drew the line and said he had to go...thank goodness for that!}
Boris was taking over our lives in every way! Even Hunter wanted to look like Daddy. He ate a chocolate cupcake and tried out Boris Jr. for a bit.
I know Lane misses Boris, so I made a memorial for him. I'm going to add the other names that were talked about. Oh yeah, there was a vote to name the mustache! And when Lane shaved it off one of the other guys slid a note under Lane's door that just said, "murderer," because he was upset that Lane got rid of Boris.
I just thought this was funny. When we went to story time this past Monday, this was the book that was on display as we walked in. I thought it was perfect for Lane!
So, Boris is gone for now. I'm crossing my fingers that Boris doesn't make a return because I love Lane's face without him. Here's hoping...we still have months left in this deployment, so who knows if we'll see Boris again!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hunter Speaks

Recently, Hunter has been saying more and more. He talks a lot, but only occasionally says anything that's understood by others. One of my favorite things that he says is "thank you!" His version of the phrase is pretty clear and its more like "thaak ew!" I joke that I'll give him anything as long as he'll say thank you because it's just so darn cute.

Some of the other things Hunter says are:
Daddy! {Any time a phone rings}
Uh Oh {Mommy}
Dah {Down, which actually means up. He says this with outstretched arms in hopes of being picked up}
Uh huh
Gah Gah {most of the time this is paci, but it could also be milk}
Hah {hot, and then is accompanied by blowing off the food that has been talked about}
Shhhh {with his finger up to his mouth - usually on his teeth. And this is usually followed by some sort of squawk or scream. I'm thinking he needs to learn the meaning of "shhhh"}


When I got back from Georgia I jumped right into finishing the cabinets in the bathrooms. The bathrooms had terrible honey oak cabinets that were fading and nothing short of ugly!
Last year my mom and I re-did the kitchen cabinets so I knew the path I wanted to take to re-do the bathrooms. Once I got started I was on a roll! I started with the downstairs bathroom...

And I'm trying to decide on the hardware before making a commitment to anything. What I picked doesn't match the existing hinges, so I think I'm going to have to change the hinges sooner or later. That can wait. I'm not too worried about the hinges at the moment.

And then I moved to the upstairs bathroom...
And it was all in under a week for a low cost of less than $100!