Monday, July 29, 2013

Motherhood Is...{30}

This week I am blessed that we are one month closer to being a family of four again!

I can't believe that 2 months have already passed. Eden talks about Daddy every single day, and Hunter misses him when he sees him. We're all excited to celebrate with ice cream each month. I love that every month Hunter is more interested in the ice cream than the picture.
I go through phases of staying on top of life as a single mom with 2 kids and being completely buried deep beneath going here and there and keeping up with laundry and cooking and cleaning. I'm at an in between right now. When we got back from Georgia I was doing great {because my house was spotless thanks to friends!} and I was able to get caught up with the bathroom renos.

Now I'm getting super tired just thinking about getting things taken care of at home. I am trying to keep up with my running {I have a half marathon on August 18!} and I am being more on top of making the kids pick up the living room before dinner. That way when they melt down after dinner and need to get upstairs to get bed time going, the living room is already clean. I'm excited that it's been working so far - all 2 weeks of it!

No matter how we get through the next 5 months, we've made it the first 2, and that means that the next one will mark 3 down, 3 to go! We'll be at half way! If things keep coming and going in phases, we'll be set! I mean, life can't be all rainbows and butterflies anyways. I'll just continue to focus on the positive things and try not to dwell on the negative. So, this week I am blessed to be 2 months closer to hugging Lane again!

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