Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 Months Old

Should I just make a decision here and now that I'll start all of these posts by saying "How can it be possible?" When I sit down and actually think about all the changes since my last post about him getting older that same question comes to mind! I mean, really, how is it possible for a tiny human to change so much in such a short amount of time?! It's amazing to me! The race is on to see if he will say Mama or Dada first. We're not saying much more to him than those 2 words and on any given day, and Eden will help/hinder your efforts! One day I'll say to Hunter, "say mama" and Eden will repeat me, but other days she'll say, "No! Say dada!" with a smile on her face. We've also caught her saying things like, "Mommy will be so mad at you!" to Lane for trying to get Hunter to say dada. I love that this has become a family affair and that we're all in it together. So far we don't have either mama or dada from Hunter, but we do get a lot of baba and yelling!

He loves to play with Eden and he's enamored by her, but will also be content for many minutes if left in the middle of toys to play by himself. More than anything he loves the dogs! The dogs are constantly getting hugs and kisses from Hunter, and Nugget is quick to return the gestures. Nugget will nuzzle his forehead into Hunter's belly to give him hugs and Hunter will just laugh non stop while he does it. They're best buds and I love it.

I decided that I'm not going to take Hunter's weekly picture this week because 1-Hes not changing as quickly as he was, 2-It's only 2 days after his 8 month pictures, and 3-I don't have ink in my printer to print the weekly sign. {If that's not lazy, I don't know what is...but the kids and I all have colds, so that's my lazy excuse!}

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Lane's squadron hosted a fall festival at the hangar for all the kids. It was a lot of fun. There was a hay ride around the flight line, a bounce house, good food, and a "haunted herc."

Eden was definitely born into some Daigle blood because when I told her that we were going to a party she asked if there would be cake. She obviously gets this from her Aunt Angela because Angela doesn't go to a party if there won't be any cake. Who can blame her though? Is a party really a party if there's no cake?! Not if your Eden!

Eden and Lane did the "scary plane" together because I don't do scary. Eden has mentioned it, but she still hasn't told us if she liked it or not. She told Lane that she wanted to get out when they were about half way through, but she didn't cry or anything like that. She still asks to go see "Daddy's plane" so it couldn't have been too bad for her. Who knows!
Eden on the bounce house in her costume. Grandpa gave her this flight suit last year and it was WAY too big for her and this year it's almost too short for her. She was excited to be dressed like Daddy.
Hunter in his "Daddy's lil pumpkin" shirt
Best Buds on the hay ride. Cael, Hunter, Coen, and Eden {with her pumpkin.}

Monday, October 29, 2012

Motherhood Is...{43}


This is kind of funny to follow up the train wreck, but look at her! She can relax like the best of us. She loves to lay on the couch with pillows and she loves to prop her feet up when she's sitting in a chair. Don't mind the lady-like position she's sitting in, she's got friends who are boys and I think they might be teaching her a thing or two!

I try to start every day with a little relaxation. Most days start with me sitting very still drinking a cup of coffee while my kids run amuck. They take over and I kindly turn down most requests by saying, "I haven't even finished my coffee yet." Eden will peek into my cup to make sure I'm telling the truth too. I realize that my day doesn't go well if I don't take a few minutes to wake up, get my land legs under me and take it easy for a bit before jumping into my day. I'm a better mom if I can relax and slowly ease into my day!

32 and 33 Weeks Old

Here are the very late pictures from Hunter getting older a week at a time! 

I couldn't find the tape, so I handed Hunter the sign for the chair *hoping* he'd old it for me to get a few pictures...that didn't happen! Everything goes right into his mouth and this was no exception!

Do you think he's getting bored...?

Motherhood Is...{42}

A Train Wreck

This is what my kids looked like at the end of a grocery store run...Eden's hair is a mess, Hunter has a paci because he was screaming - not crying, but screaming at me, Eden has one shoe off, snacks have all been consumed, and I'm pretty sure my hair looks about like Eden's too, but lucky for you I didn't take a self photo! I guess I should start by saying I made the mistake of going to the grocery store at 1:00pm. Yep, lunch time and nap time for my kids. I told you, it was a train wreck. I'm sure I was "that mom" that people either felt sorry for, or they were running from. I'm sure there were thoughts of other people ranging from, "that poor mom, that baby won't stop yelling at her," to, "why on earth did she even try?" I know I was wondering why I was trying at that hour of the day to accomplish this task!

Grocery shopping isn't the only train wreck I've put myself in the middle of. I also tried to take Hunter to the playground with Eden so she could play with her friends. Fail. There was mulch at the playground and Hunter only wanted to eat hand fulls of it! I let Eden go in and out into the backyard as she pleases as long as she closes the screen. Fail. The door gets left open and Hunter face plants on the cement patio. I let Hunter play outside with us in the back yard. Fail. He eats everything in sight. This includes, but is not limited to, grass clippings, hula hoops, dirt, rocks, weeds, you name it, he eats it!

I love my life and the train wreck that it can be at times. I also think it's funny that if it wasn't the train wreck that it is it would be very boring! Can you imagine a life with kids not eating dirt or rocks. A life where kids sit still in the grocery cart and don't yell and scream. Sounds peaceful to me. But yes, in the long run, very boring! I'm glad my kids keep me on my toes {most days} and am thankful that they're lovers of being outdoors and of voicing their opinions - now if we can just get them to not eat the outdoors and be respectful when voicing their opinions we'll be set!

*And as a side note, can you believe that the year will be over in just 10-ish short weeks?! You only get to see my life as a mom 10 more times! Unless I keep this up next year...we'll see...*


I'm not going to write much here because I have a TON of pictures to put on here for you since it's been almost 2 weeks since I've done that. We had company and we were out and about every day, so I've got good reason for being gone, but now I'm trying to play catch up!
October 11 - We took lunch to Lane because he was on duty and most of the bast was closed down for the upcoming air show. I was so excited to see the planes practicing for the weekend 
October 11 - The nights that Daddy works late or doesn't come home Eden gets more freedoms before bed time. I let more things slide and this night she got to color longer and I loved soaking up the creativity of my budding artist. She's loving her chalk board in her room that Pop made last year.
October 12 - Imagine this done...because it's nowhere close! This is the state of my bathroom. The only function we don't have in our bathroom is the use of a sink, everything else works {it just isn't all}
October 13 - Lane's cousin, Jacob is in Yuma for a few weeks and he was able to come over to San Diego with someone who came for a funeral. It was great to see him, and even better because Lane hasn't seen him since he completed boot camp and I hadn't seen him since their grandmother passed away last September.
October 13 - Kind of blurry because of the amount of zoon, but it's the C-130 with some jets. We saw this formation flying over the interstate when we were driving home from lunch with Jacob.
October 13 - My first long distance run to prepare me for my marathon in January. I'm not going to say it was easy, and I'm not going to say that it was all that much fun, but I did it and that's what counts!
October 13 - Lane in the hot tub. That's one handsome hubby I have!!!
October 14 - Eden loved Jacob! This is at the air show in the back of the C-130. It was funny to see how comfortable Eden was with the plane. She acted like it was her very own playground.
October 15 - Pictures to go in Hunter's room. Hunter, Pop, and Parker, all in their Navy uniforms.
October 16 - Eden eating lunch. What a pretty little girl she's becoming!
October 17 - Hunter standing at the fireplace. He's officially pulling himself up on everything.
October 18 - Coen and Eden sitting poolside at a play date. Only in SoCal can you have a pool play date in the middle of October!
October 19 - Hunter pulled himself up using the trash can {I told you he's pulling up on everything!} and it fell over on him. I had just thrown away some melted white chocolate and that's what's on his arm and face. I couldn't resist the picture. Look at that sad, sad face!
October 19 - Ugh, what a mess! Thanks Hunter...
October 19 - Eden playing the drums with the sticks she found.
October 20 - Eden wanted me to take a picture of her and her baby.
October 20 - Eden uses my phone to trace letters. I think I'm going to break down and purchase the full app so she can trace the whole alphabet. She can also match big letters to small letters and find a certain letter within a group of letters. I think it's a pretty fabulous app so far!
October 20 - My shoes for the upcoming Marine Corps Birthday Ball
October 20 Hunter's 3 tiny teeth.
October 20 - Eden and Daddy asleep one night. It was a week of late nights for Lane and Eden rubbed his face until he fell asleep, then she snuggled right in and went to sleep too. They melt my heart!
October 21 - The dogs are chewing on the hot tub cover again. I'm pretty mad about this...
October 21 - Hunter giving Nugget kisses.
Ocober 21 - Hunter makes a mess {just like his sister did} with avocados.
October 22 - We took Adam, Sara, and Leah to see Lane's plane. Leah wasn't too sure about sitting in the cockpit of the plane.
October 22 - Eden wanted to fly the plane.
October 23 - Our back yard looked like a bird watcher's paradise. This bird was on our basil plant right under the kitchen window when I was cooking dinner.
October 23 - Eden, Leah, and Hunter in the bath tub together.
October 24 - Hunter at the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park.
October 25 -  I hardly ever have people in town and done make it to the tidepools. I love them, I think they're beautiful, and I don't think I will ever get tired of how awesome they are.
October 26 - Leah and Hunter in their jammies together as Sara and Adam packed the car and the rest of their stuff in preparation to head to the airport.
October 26 - Eden had to go potty and she tried to go outside. When I realized what she was saying this is what she looked like, so I made her come in to use the people do.
October 27 - My knees have been bothering me after my long runs, so I have been icing them when I get home. I think Hunter might like the feel of the cold on his gums because he "chews" on the ice pack.
October 28 - I was "voluntold" by the squadron's CO's wife that I was in charge of the Christmas ornament to hang on the Officer's Club Christmas tree. These are what I came up with. The Keep Calm and Fly On ornament is for the O'Club, and the one on the left is for us at home. I'm pretty excited about them. I think they turned out really well.