Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 Months Old

Should I just make a decision here and now that I'll start all of these posts by saying "How can it be possible?" When I sit down and actually think about all the changes since my last post about him getting older that same question comes to mind! I mean, really, how is it possible for a tiny human to change so much in such a short amount of time?! It's amazing to me! The race is on to see if he will say Mama or Dada first. We're not saying much more to him than those 2 words and on any given day, and Eden will help/hinder your efforts! One day I'll say to Hunter, "say mama" and Eden will repeat me, but other days she'll say, "No! Say dada!" with a smile on her face. We've also caught her saying things like, "Mommy will be so mad at you!" to Lane for trying to get Hunter to say dada. I love that this has become a family affair and that we're all in it together. So far we don't have either mama or dada from Hunter, but we do get a lot of baba and yelling!

He loves to play with Eden and he's enamored by her, but will also be content for many minutes if left in the middle of toys to play by himself. More than anything he loves the dogs! The dogs are constantly getting hugs and kisses from Hunter, and Nugget is quick to return the gestures. Nugget will nuzzle his forehead into Hunter's belly to give him hugs and Hunter will just laugh non stop while he does it. They're best buds and I love it.

I decided that I'm not going to take Hunter's weekly picture this week because 1-Hes not changing as quickly as he was, 2-It's only 2 days after his 8 month pictures, and 3-I don't have ink in my printer to print the weekly sign. {If that's not lazy, I don't know what is...but the kids and I all have colds, so that's my lazy excuse!}

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