Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Motherhood Is...{40}

Being Rejuvenated!
Though I wish I could say I spent the weekend at a spa retreat { amazing would that be?!} I simply had a weekend away from home. The air show is coming to Miramar this weekend and the Blue Angels flew in and need the air space to practice, so Lane's squadrons {and many of the other ones too} flew their aircraft out of the area, but stayed close in order to accomplish missions they accomplish on a day-to-day basis. Lane got to Burbank Friday evening and will be home tonight around a normal work-day time. So where's the rejuvenation, you might be asking! It's in the fact that Burbank is only about 2 hours from home so we got to go stay with Lane while he was working and we didn't have to miss out on his travel weekend! As of Saturday afternoon I probably would have told you that we had made a huge mistake because both kids were tired and not napping in the hotel, but in the end, the trip was just what I needed! Just to be out of the house and away from our "normal" every day of doing the same thing was a breath of fresh air! We went to Hollywood on Lane's day off on Sunday and we enjoyed having nothing to do and nowhere to be. Monday Lane had to work, but was home in time for dinner and we got up today and checked out of the hotel to come home and get back to our normal. Now I can't wait for the Marine Corps Ball next month because I know how great it is to do something out of the ordinary every now and again.

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