Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Weeks Old

Where do I even begin?! Hunter is becoming more verbal, and though he's not putting sounds together to make words he's definitely talking to us! He screams, squawks, and squeals to tell us what's up. He makes these sounds when he's happy, excited, mad, or frustrated. Just imagine trying to figure out which one is correct for each moment in time! Lucky for us he's got a great smile, so it isn't too bad or too hard to figure out some of the time. When he's mad, he usually wants food - we call him our fat kid! When he's frustrated he's usually not moving fast enough to get to where/what he wants. When he's happy he's all smiles, and when he's excited he flaps his arms up and down! Man I love this kid!!!!

 And this week {since Hunter is into his second half of his first year} I wanted to post some "detail" pictures similar to the ones from his week 1 pictures. Can you believe that was 30 weeks ago?! How is it possible?! He's our chunky baby and it brings a smile to my face!

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