Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Lane's squadron hosted a fall festival at the hangar for all the kids. It was a lot of fun. There was a hay ride around the flight line, a bounce house, good food, and a "haunted herc."

Eden was definitely born into some Daigle blood because when I told her that we were going to a party she asked if there would be cake. She obviously gets this from her Aunt Angela because Angela doesn't go to a party if there won't be any cake. Who can blame her though? Is a party really a party if there's no cake?! Not if your Eden!

Eden and Lane did the "scary plane" together because I don't do scary. Eden has mentioned it, but she still hasn't told us if she liked it or not. She told Lane that she wanted to get out when they were about half way through, but she didn't cry or anything like that. She still asks to go see "Daddy's plane" so it couldn't have been too bad for her. Who knows!
Eden on the bounce house in her costume. Grandpa gave her this flight suit last year and it was WAY too big for her and this year it's almost too short for her. She was excited to be dressed like Daddy.
Hunter in his "Daddy's lil pumpkin" shirt
Best Buds on the hay ride. Cael, Hunter, Coen, and Eden {with her pumpkin.}

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