Monday, October 29, 2012

Motherhood Is...{42}

A Train Wreck

This is what my kids looked like at the end of a grocery store run...Eden's hair is a mess, Hunter has a paci because he was screaming - not crying, but screaming at me, Eden has one shoe off, snacks have all been consumed, and I'm pretty sure my hair looks about like Eden's too, but lucky for you I didn't take a self photo! I guess I should start by saying I made the mistake of going to the grocery store at 1:00pm. Yep, lunch time and nap time for my kids. I told you, it was a train wreck. I'm sure I was "that mom" that people either felt sorry for, or they were running from. I'm sure there were thoughts of other people ranging from, "that poor mom, that baby won't stop yelling at her," to, "why on earth did she even try?" I know I was wondering why I was trying at that hour of the day to accomplish this task!

Grocery shopping isn't the only train wreck I've put myself in the middle of. I also tried to take Hunter to the playground with Eden so she could play with her friends. Fail. There was mulch at the playground and Hunter only wanted to eat hand fulls of it! I let Eden go in and out into the backyard as she pleases as long as she closes the screen. Fail. The door gets left open and Hunter face plants on the cement patio. I let Hunter play outside with us in the back yard. Fail. He eats everything in sight. This includes, but is not limited to, grass clippings, hula hoops, dirt, rocks, weeds, you name it, he eats it!

I love my life and the train wreck that it can be at times. I also think it's funny that if it wasn't the train wreck that it is it would be very boring! Can you imagine a life with kids not eating dirt or rocks. A life where kids sit still in the grocery cart and don't yell and scream. Sounds peaceful to me. But yes, in the long run, very boring! I'm glad my kids keep me on my toes {most days} and am thankful that they're lovers of being outdoors and of voicing their opinions - now if we can just get them to not eat the outdoors and be respectful when voicing their opinions we'll be set!

*And as a side note, can you believe that the year will be over in just 10-ish short weeks?! You only get to see my life as a mom 10 more times! Unless I keep this up next year...we'll see...*

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