Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I've started working on teaching Eden how to spell her name. The only letter she will say when you ask her to spell her name is d. When she spells her name, she spells it, "Deeeeee. Deeeeeee. En!" Well, not really, but at least we're getting somewhere! She knows there's an n at the end of her name! I'll take what I can get and keep working on the rest of it.

This week when we were working on the letters in her name I used dry erase markers, play dough, and flash cards. We had lots of fun with it and I tried to make sure we were talking about the letters as we "worked" through her name. It was fun and she asked to do it again. Maybe next week we'll do it again and see if we can make any more progress with her spelling her name.
The names that Eden wrote. She got better with time, but still didn't quite get it. On the second one down she actually did put forth some effort to draw lines and not just scribble, but it didn't last beyond the first "E" of her name.
 Her concentration as she colored on the letters was amazing to me.

 After she colored her name we played a game with flash cards and play dough. I pulled out the letters of her name and shuffled them together. She got to pick a letter and then match it to the play dough letters that were on the table. After we did the individual letters we put them back in order to spell her name.

 When all was said and done Eden got to play with the play dough. She used cookie cutters and her rolling pin from her kitchen stuff.

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