Friday, August 31, 2012

Motherhood Is...{34}

This one didn't come to me all on my own {thanks Angela!!!} but it's so true. Sometimes the rejection can make me laugh, but sometimes I have to remind myself that Eden is 2.5 and it's what she does. I can't let her rejection break my heart. But oh my, if I did take it personally every time I would be lost! Some days Eden wants her Daddy and nothing to do with me. Some days she wants me and nothing to do with him. Some days she's independent and others she's not. Hugs one day, none the next. Today she leaned in over and over again for kisses and giggled at them, but tomorrow she may turn her back and not want any. I'll have to jump in and just take them, but she's not going to give 'em up! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in knowing that I'm rejected by my kids. Take a look at what my sister-in-law dealt with, and what ultimately inspired this post: "We were listening to a cd and M asked me not to sing; before the song even started!  But really, that's nothing.  A few nights ago, M comes into our room and wakes me with the request that I come snuggle with her.  I agree, get up, go to her room and get in bed.  At this point, M asks if Daddy can come snuggle instead.  I put on a hurt face and she says in a very consoling voice, "Aw, it's ok, Mama!  Here, you can have these flowers!" and hands me a small arrangement of fake flowers we had bought 2 days prior at Michael's.  Yes, that's right, my daughter actually sent me away with a consolation gift or a 'parting gift' if we were on a game show!  I couldn't get mad because 1) I got to go back to sleep in my own bed and 2) I found it very funny!" 

6 Month "Photo Shoot"

We did 6 month pictures with Eden and I thought I could get some of Hunter from home and not spend the money. I'm not as happy with them as I want to be, so we'll be getting some done for real. Until then, here are Hunters pictures from his photo shoot.
I saw these online and decided to steal the idea. Since Lane is out of town right now and isn't going to be able to go to Georgia with us {when I'm going to have Hunter's pictures done} I'm just going to have to crop the paint job out of the background. The last one of these is just because I wanted a picture of Lane with Hunter since he was holding him. I love this idea!

Of course Eden wanted in on the action! 

Just about all of the rest of the pictures could go for some sort of photo contest I'm sure of it. Not the good kind, either! More of the awkward family photo type of contest! I'll try to provide you with the vocals {from Eden} that accompany the pictures because it makes them that much better!
Hunter, look at Mommy!
I'm all done. Can I go to the toy room?
Mommy: Just smile one more time please.
Eden: Hunter, smile!
You need to look at Mommy, Hunter.
{in her baby voice} What are you looking at. What's going on. Mommy wants you to smile.

After being told she could have a sucker if she just cooperated through the rest of the pictures, this is what she did. "Hunter, there's Mommy! Look! Smile! Over there!"

Helping him dance and flap his arms like a bird.

Over it. Both of them!
Leaning back against the couch. D-O-N-E!

26 Weeks Old...AND 6 Months Old

We got lucky! They happened on the same day this week/month! How is it possible that this little boy was in my belly just 6 short months ago?! Half a year?! Oh. My. Goodness!!! This month didn't seem to fly by, and it was a tough one for us. All of us! Hunter was getting used to a new eating schedule that included baby foods. Foods were our biggest adjustment because we had to figure out why he was vomiting when he ate rice, but not every time. He seems to have a sensitivity to how long milk is in the fridge. If it's been in too long, it upsets his belly. His new schedule also includes trying to get him on a 3 naps a day deal, which there are days that he just doesn't cooperate. He's falling more and more in love with his sister, but he's also wanting to have someone around at all times. If I walk out of the room and he notices, it's all over. If Eden's the last one in the room with him and she walks out of sight, it's over. Same goes for Lane! My goodness, have we spoiled him, or what!!! He's moving around SO much and often gets frustrated. He likes to move on his own, but he's not quick yet, so he gets mad when he doesn't get to where he's going fast enough. Because of this, he'll lay on the floor crying until someone moves him. He's still oh so cute, and he's melting our hearts more and more! I love watching him develop into the young boy and man he will become!
Look at those Baby Blues!

 Yep, he tore his sign off the chair. This is going to get difficult in weeks to come!

 Here are the monthly pictures that are starting to be a total fail! He's moving too much for me to get quick pictures. I had to move the sticker from his belly to his back and back to his belly again.
This is the best I could get of him beside his tiger for size comparison month to month.
He sits so tall, all by himself!

It's like he's excited because he can sit beside his truck now and doesn't have to lay beside it!
Of course I had to have some out takes from the session. He is making it easier and easier to pick these because there's a lot to choose from!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prom Time

We may not have been going to the prom, but a limo picked us up and we were giddy little girls so it felt like the prom! Another Raider wife spotted a great deal on a limo and snatched it up so we could take a wine tour in Temecula. This is where Lane and I went when Mimi and Pop were in town, but we went to 2 different wineries, and 1 the same, this trip. Most of the ladies that were there were moms who were enjoying a day off getting to drink wine and have a ride home! It was a great, relaxing, stress-free day sans kids.

Someone realized that we were all dressed in "color groups" and organized everyone into their color for pictures.

 We went to 3 wineries and our first stop was South Coast Winery. Delish! Beautiful! Wonderful staff!!! I will visit them again, for sure.

All the Raider ladies at South Coast Winery
Angie eating lunch in the limo. Who can say no to fresh fruit on a hot summer day? Even if the raspberries were a little hairy!
Our last winery {I didn't take my camera out at the second winery} was Callaway. It was beautiful and we enjoyed live music out on their patio that overlooked the vineyard.
Angie and I 
Sara Bock
Some of our "Blue girls." Sarah, on the left, is expecting her first child in March. Her husband was only home for 6 weeks between deployments and they conceived while he was home! Jessica, on the right, was Sara's deployment {#1} buddy because their husbands were gone together.
Raider ladies at Callaway
Baby's first dance. Some of the ladies requested a song for Sarah.
Dancing the afternoon away with Baby Beluga {The nickname of her unborn baby.}