Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Get your mind out of the gutter...or don't! Eden and I are working on following directions - or erections, as Eden calls them. There are days that she does really well, and there are days that she doesn't seem to hear a single word I've told her. I know, however, that she hears just about everything I say to her because at some point or another she repeats what I tell her. Most of the time she talks about "following erections" and I giggle every time. {Maybe I'm not mature enough to be a Mommy!} I just overheard her telling something/some toy/some baby doll/Hunter that "If you don't follow erections it's going in the trash. Ready? Here it goes" as she was throwing away some trash. Oh yes, to hear your own words being repeated by a 2 and a half year old!

I hope you got a good laugh from Eden's "erections." And the next time following directions comes up in your life, I hope you giggle!

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