Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Growing up is a part of every child's life. I remember when Eden started growing out of toys and no longer fitting in her swing and her bouncer. Oh what a bitter-sweet realization! To know that your child is happy and healthy and growing like she should be, but so sad that things are changing so quickly. I can't believe that time is coming close for Hunter. Once again I went around my house and took pictures of some of his favorite toys {just like I did for Eden} so that I would have something to hold onto forever as they grow and move on to their next stages.
The toys that hang from the bouncer
The bouncer. 
The swing.
His chains.
His tiger. This is becoming a necessity for sleep time, much like Eden's duck.
The dog with crinkly ears, the frog that sings, his chewy man, his "ball" to chew on, and his rattle.
His snail. Her face lights up and she plays music.
His big sister.
Sophie the Giraffe. He loves to put her feet in his mouth, bite down, and pull her out really fast. 
I told you he loves his chains!

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