Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Lane's squadron was able to welcome home a group of Marines who were in Afghanistan last Friday. Many of the wives had children around Eden's age and so I got to know some of them. Through other wives' functions, since Lane joined the squadron, I had the opportunity to meet some of the other wives without kids. I had never been to a homecoming, and I wasn't sure if it was alright to go, or if I would be stepping on toes of loved ones as they were welcoming home their husbands and significant others. I quickly learned that the squadron as a whole is supportive of everyone and welcomed those of us who wanted to be there just because. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen! The smiles, the tears, the cheers, the "there's my Daddy"'s, and everything in between was much more exciting than I even thought it could be!

One of the Marines got to come home to meet his son for the first time. 
*photo taken by*
Another Marine came home to see his daughter who was only weeks old when he left. 

The love and support that I witnessed at the homecoming was so warming and so awesome!
Eden and her friend Cael waiting for the announcement that the plane is here! *photo taken by Jessica Brown*
"There they are!" and "I can see them!" were just a few things that were being shouted as the plane came into sight.
Loved ones watching from the flight line as the plane came in and circled over us before landing.

Jackson was so excited and he was saying, "That's my Daddy!" I was giddy watching his excitement!
On their way back to "park" and get off the plane and run to their loved ones.
There were a few Marines who were coming home and aren't married and didn't have family members there to greet them. Since there wasn't family to greet them the squadron organized to have some of the kids welcome them with posters and cookies.
The plane flying the Jolly Roger out the top hatch as they approached the hanger where we were all waiting.
The guys getting into formation before being released into the arms of loved ones.
Waiting to see Daddy! Mom was telling the boys which one was Daddy so they could to running with and idea of where to go since everyone looks the same in uniform.
I was thrilled to be a part of this special day, and I would like to say, "Welcome Home, Raiders!"

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