Friday, August 17, 2012

23 and 24 Weeks Old

I did it again. I let time slip by. And yes, I forgot to take the 23 week pictures {shame on me!} I guess part of my excuse is that Hunter was sick last Tuesday night and I didn't sleep much because I woke up at every. sound. he. made because I thought he was throwing up again. Aunt Nana was here last week, too, so we took her to the Safari Park on Wednesday. So, I might not have taken Hunter's weekly pictures, but I did make sure he had fun!

This week has had it's ups and downs for sure. Hunter got sick again, so we were trying to figure out if it was the rice cereal, if it was the milk, or whatever else it could have been. He's had rice cereal 2 nights in a row with no vomiting, so I think we're on the upswing from that horrible mess {literally}. I have been saying for so long now that Hunter is "so close to crawling" and I feel like I just need to admit that he's doing his own version of a crawl.

He gets up on his hands and knees - sometimes on his feet with his butt in the air - and he tucks his knees up under him and pushes himself over his hands without moving his hands. That's the only reason I don't give him the crawling credit. He'll move his hands one day, but for now he's doing his own thing and making it work for him. I certainly can't put him down and walk away anymore. He's in a different place every time I take a few steps away from him.

One of his new things is to be upset when I walk away from him. He will still let other people hold him, but if I put him down and walk away from him he's not too happy about that. As flattering as that is, it can be frustrating when I'm trying to cook dinner or get something put together so we can leave the house. I'm not going to lie though, I do love having a "momma's boy" while he's still allowed to be one and be cool too!!!!!

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