Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's Up

We've had some crazy times this past week! With tearing apart our house and dealing with a sick infant and a wild 2 year old, we've been pretty busy. Here's a look into our lives!
August 21 - Eden was playing by herself one morning and this is what I found. She was having a picnic all by herself. She had her {play} knife and food that velcros together so it can be "cut" and her birthday cake and she was just having a good time!
August 22 - Sassy pants didn't want to wear anything under her tu tu. She must think she's part Scottish!
August 22 - She layed her babies in a row and was going to take a nap with them. So sweet!
August 23 - Lane has had long days at work recently as he's flight planning for a big flight. This is how he spent an evening or 2 after getting home. Eden told me, "Mommy, I want to cuddle with him," because I told her to let him sleep. I said she could cuddle with him, but she had to be still and not a bother. I love her sweet heart.
August 23 - Hunter was moving all around. He wanted to play a little music for me.
August 23 - Never in a million years did I think Ginger would lay still while a child touched her foot! Before we had Eden, Ginger was not a "kid friendly dog" and we actually thought we'd have to get rid of her {give her to my parents} because she's just not a kid dog. She's learned to love {our} kids and she puts up with much more than I ever imagined! She's a good dog for our family.
August 24 - I don't think I could ever tire of seeing his sweet sleeping face. I'll let him sleep in my arms as long as he'll let me hold him!
August 24 - The kids at the Safari Park. From nose to rear: Eden {2.5} Coen {1.5} Sarah Greer {11, holding Coen} Riley {3} and Cael {3.5}
August 24 - Coen is missing because he just wasn't having it. They would have stayed on this thing all day if we had let them.
August 24 - Our kids are nowhere close to the size of a gorilla!
August 25 - Hunter and his chunky thighs. Eden didn't get chunk while she was an infant, so I'm kind of loving his rolls!
August 26 - The bathroom floor was completely ripped up and we put down the backer board in prep for tile! I can {sort of} see the end in sight. Please note that the toilet is still in the tub. Hopefully just for one more day!
August 27 - Lane always complains that he has to add water to our Keurig for morning coffee. I woke up this morning and he was already at work and this is what he left me - an "add water" light!

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  1. I love the picture of Hunter sleeping in your arms -- I LOVE when Liam cuddles me like that. The best feeling in the world! :)