Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time flies!!!

This time last year I was contemplating the castor oil route to induce labor with Hunter. I knew I didn't want to wait until the 5th and be induced with pitocin, but I wasn't sure I wanted a leap year baby. After putting Eden to bed - and I cuddled her and cried because I knew it was the last time I would cuddle her as my only child - I came back down and did the deed.

I took a tablespoon of castor oil with my nose plugged and chased it with orange juice. I sat down to watch tv, lane played an x box game and we waited. My show went off, nothing. So I did it again. I went to bed with some contractions, but decided if I could sleep through them that I didn't need to take any action. My whole world would change when I woke up to go to the bathroom and couldn't go back to sleep because if the pain...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Motherhood Is...{8}

My blessing this week is that I have this man home with me to parent, laugh, cry, be friends with, and to love!

I'm just happy that he's home right now. The time that we will spend together in the coming months will mean more than I ever knew possible. I mean, I always love being with him, but our time is more valuable these days! With the deployment only getting closer, I'm trying to remember through any situation - good or bad - how I should enjoy every minute. I love him and I love our time together.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Lane and I have jumped ship and we no longer own our Pilot. It was a sad, sad day for me, but not for him.
I always said that when we traded in our Pilot that we would get another one. Well, we didn't. I'm the newest driver of a minivan. Yep, I'm part of the "vantasy" club. I'm not proud of it {yet}. I'm excited to be proud of it, but I'm not quite there yet. I fought hard to get another Pilot, but in the end, I lost the battle.

The Odyssey has great features - and so did the Pilot. The van and the Pilot have the same technology, so even though I'm excited about the gadgets in the van, deep down I know I could have had it with my Pilot too! The van has more space, it's lower to the ground {who cares}, and the doors open with the push of a button on the key fob. Those things ultimately won out! I will love it, I know I will, I just have to get used to the idea that I lost all my cool points that were left and embrace the soccer mom reality of a minivan. I have to accept that for now, this Pilot-loving-mom has been grounded and I will be for years to come until I can have my Pilot back!!!

She is kinda pretty though!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Eden's latest procrastination before bed time is giving a variety of kisses. The other night as I was getting my kisses I couldn't resist pictures of her kiss-y faces!

Fish kisses
Echo kisses {we make a smacking kiss and she can hear it}
Butterfly kisses
Eskimo kisses

Thursday, February 21, 2013

May Gray...

Here in SoCal we get the marine layer that comes in off the ocean. The worst of it is in May and June. The locals call this mornings May Gray and June Gloom. These 2 months of my life will take on the nickname in a whole new way this year. Yep, the time has come. The time that I've been dreading {and expecting} since May 2008, when Lane commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. The word that haunts every military family - deployment. It is upon us!

We don't know exactly when. I don't know where - and I'm not sure that I will ever know where. It's coming. Lane will be gone for our anniversary, Father's day, and some other's thrown in there. I know we're some of the lucky ones because as of now, we've spent 5 of 5 anniversaries together. Not every military family is as lucky as we are! So, if I seem a little out of sorts once the late spring/summer roll around, bear with me, let me get back into a groove and know that I won't abandon the blog - it'll probably end up being my outlet!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Party

It may not be quite time to have the parties, but the time is quickly approaching {not this weekend, but next!} Hunter's party is on Friday and Eden's is on Sunday. As always, I'm trying to do as much of it on my own as I can, so I was working on getting things together this past weekend. Once their shirts got here, I was totally ready to get some decorations and the such whipped up!

Here's what I've come up with so far for Hunter's party
His shirt and hat with the name portion of his "Happy Birthday Hunter" banner and the "thanks" note that I made for gifts.
The "H" for his name on his banner with the bowtie.
His "thanks" card.
And this is what I've started for Eden's party so far {plus some Pinkalicious books as the take homes for guests - Thank you Angela for pointing me in the direction of the book! - and some other candies for the kids to fill goodie bags with}
"happy Birthday Eden" banner, thank you card, and her shirt. She asked for pink, she's getting pink!
Her name is made with sparkly paper.
Her thank yous for her guests.
I raided the Valentine's clearance for pink candy! I had to pick the red M&Ms out of the bag, but it was worth it.
I still have more to do {especially since Lane just found out he's going to be out of town - boo! - and unable to help with anything} but I think I've got a really good start for now.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

I know I already posted about my birthday {and last week all I wanted was to get away} but I had a blast sticking with everyone and hanging out with my family that I have to post more! Saturday night dinner was delicious. While we were waiting for our table we perused through the store and found some interesting things. One of the main beers that Stone Brewery makes is the Arrogant Bastard - I've never had it, I actually don't like many of the beers that Stone brews. While we were walking through the store I told Lane that we should buy something for Hunter. 
No, we didn't buy it {it was slightly inappropriate and I'm not sure it would be worn out and about}. Since I knew I wasn't going to buy it I had to take a picture. What we did end up buying from the store was their mustard that they served with the pretzels that we ordered with dinner. I can't wait to use it! It was so good!!!

Sunday was my actual birthday and we spent the whole day as a family doing things that I wanted to do. I skipped my run on Saturday, so we went as a family on Sunday. Lane was kind enough to run with me at my pace without complaining.
When we were done with our run, he asked me if I wanted to go shopping or rock climbing. I decided on rock climbing at the indoor place close by home. At first I thought I should have gone shopping. I just didn't know what I would have purchased for myself at this moment. I hadn't planned for anything, so I would have come out empty-handed. Once I decided on rock climbing I never looked back {and I also never regretted my decision!} Eden was allowed to climb with us and we were able to just climb at our own pace and we were harnessed to each other. We had a blast! Hunter was in his stroller and there were other families there, so we weren't totally out of place.

Today marks my last birthday celebration. We went to lunch with friends. Anna and Angie and their families met us for lunch. Angie took me to lunch last year for my birthday and we always rave about the place, but have never gone back. Well, not until today! It was just as good as last year, and hopefully everyone else thought so too. My birthday was celebrated all weekend and I love that there were so many people around to share the day with me. Next' birthdays {and Mimi and Pop will be visiting!!!}

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Motherhood Is...{7}

This week I am blessed by these 3 awesome people who made my birthday special.

This year I didn't get anything tangible for my birthday from Lane. Best part about it?! It was probably one of my favorite birthdays! Lane took me to dinner last night at the local brewery and then today was all about me. We went to Stone Brewery, had balcony seating and then we went to play putt putt - all while the kids were home with a babysitter. We went to play putt putt last year, and went back this year. We got to ride Lane's motorcycle since we weren't taking the kids along or dropping them off anywhere. We don't ever get to take the bike out, so it was a nice change of pace. It added a whole new meaning to be "free" for a night!

Today, Lane made my day all about me. He went for a run with me {not his favorite activity by any stretch of the imagination!} We went down to the lake that I run during the week and then went to lunch after. When we were done with lunch we went rock climbing at an indoor studio. Eden got to give it a go and Hunter watched with wide eyes as we climbed away for about an hour. My hands are feeling it and so are my forearms! It was so much fun to spend the day as a whole family on top of being able to have a night out last night. I was spoiled by this birthday and I'm glad we were able to be together for this one!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Picture Post

February 6 - Eden hasn't been sleeping well in her bed. It's too loud, I yawned, my music turned off, my bears are on my bed, the light is behind the name it, she's got an excuse for it! So I went and nursed Hunter around 7 and found this in my bed when I got back!
February 8 - We discovered that Hunter likes apples! Whole apples! He'll eat them to the core, and it takes forever. It's a great sense of peace when he has an apple.
February 9 - Eden learned how to say "I love you" by signing.
February 9 - Eden on the iPad is something that Hunter wishes he could do too! He loves technology, but can't be trusted with any of it!
February 10 - I think I might have a few loads of laundry that need to be folded! Wait, wait, wait! The large basket on the couch is already folded! BUT...the wicker basket is all
February 11 - Eden's post braid hair.
February 12 - Eden left her duck outside and couldn't remember where it was when bed time rolled around. We found it the next day.
February 14 - This is how a portion of the "photo shoot" went
February 14 - Celebrating Valentine's Day with steak and heart-shaped pasta
February 15 - Hunter discovered the lawn mower toy and insisted on playing by spotlight on the patio.
February 16 - Birthday shirts have arrived!!!! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Last First

That doesn't always make sense, but right now it does. As I said before, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day like a lot of people do. Man, oh, man - I've seen pictures of today and people treat this like a mini-Christmas for their kids! Not in this family. We say, "Happy Valentine's Day" and move on. When the kids are in school we'll do something for class-mates, I'm sure, but this is no Christmas! I love you every day. You get things quite often because I love you. You might get steak tonight because I love you, but that's the extent of celebrating in our house.

I digress...

Valentine's Day this year is Hunter's last, first holiday. How sad?! I know, it means that he's entering a new phase of life. I know it means that he's growing up. I know that all of that is good. But NOOOOOOOO! Stop growing! Stop getting so big! Stop it!!!!! I took advantage of the moment and decided to snap a few pictures of the kids together on this last first holiday. I wasn't going to let it slip away in any way!

Look at that stud with his kisses all over!

 And Eden was giving out hugs all morning long!

But let's not forget her sweet, sweet kisses! She loved that I let her wear lipstick. She usually only gets lip gloss, so she got lucky today. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is the day that everyone tries to remember those that they love! Lane and I have never celebrated as a couple, but how can I deprive my children?! Well, I guess I still am. They don't care what we're eating for dinner, and that's how we're celebrating. I was gifted some heart-shaped pasta so I'm going to whip it up and serve it with something for dinner. I'm thinking steak and broccoli. Weird, but this meal actually makes me think of home. Lane thinks I'm weird for serving noodles for a side, but my mom would with a lot of meals, so I find it 100% normal.

So there you have it, that's how we're celebrating today {and the kids will be dressed appropriately - Hunter's a heartbreaker and Eden will be in pink!} What a better way to celebrate anyways - with the people we love. Isn't that what the day is really all about anyways?! And I guess I'll get dressed today, not just wear my yoga pants/running clothes.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

No, Eden doesn't have quite that much hair yet! Oh, how I wish. She may not have as much hair as Rapunzel, but he hair is getting long enough to braid. But only when it's wet. Earlier this week after bath time I asked Eden if she would let me braid her hair. Lane had already gone to sleep {he had to be at work by 4:30am} and I had already put Hunter down for the night.

Isn't it beautiful?! I couldn't believe it went into the braid as well as it did. Once it was braided she wanted to sleep in it. I know I loved sleeping in braids when I was a girl {and I did it just last week because I didn't have my brush upstairs and I didn't want to wake up to freshly washed hair that was a rat's nest} so I couldn't tell her no. In the morning her hair looked exactly as I thought it might, and it was spectacular. Take a look!!!

What a beautiful little girl! And check out those eyes!!! Aren't they gorgeous?! I have to admit, I noticed tonight for the first time how pretty her eyes can be in the morning.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Go Get Your Tiger

How is it possible that Hunter will be O-N-E! in just 2 weeks? {And Eden will be 3?!} He's getting smarter and smarter by the day. Today he was walking towards me after getting up from his nap, but he was leaving his tiger {his lovie} behind. We take that sucker everywhere, and I didn't want a dinner time melt down {every single day!} without the tiger being downstairs. As he was walking towards me I asked him to go get his tiger, pointed at it, and he turned around and grabbed it! When he picked it up he reached out to give it to me too. I'm so excited that he's going to start understanding simple commands. We're on the upswing of him learning to do things on his own and not being 100% reliant on someone else! {Though I must note that this is VERY bitter-sweet since it also means he's slowly not my "baby" anymore - even though he'll always be my baby boy!!!}

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Motherhood Is...{6}

This week my blessing is that I am apart of a family much larger than my own!

With an impending deployment this year, this sight warms my heart! Lane's squadron welcomed home another group of men and women who had been away from their families for up for 10 months. To know that there were so many people there in support of the families who were becoming whole again is awesome. I know that these people will be there in support of me and my family as we endure long months without each other, and that is very comforting to me.

I do not wish this deployment upon us {though I'm understanding of the "call to duty" for Lane} but I know that we'll realize how much stronger we are than we ever knew we were! And in our weak moments, these people will be by our sides.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

For My Birthday

It took me over 2 hours to get my kids down for a nap today {which means nap time is almost over now}. Eden can't keep her eyes open - because she hasn't slept through the night in a week and is waking up at 630 (her normal is 730-8) - but she "isn't tired" and wants to clean her room. Yeah, right! Hunter has pooped, thrown his paci and his tiger out if his crib, and won't stop crying. Did I mention that any time he thinks about falling asleep, Eden yells, screams, cries, or gets into her dresser - which shares the wall with Hunters crib on the other side! Oy vey!! I'm tired...

So what on earth could this have to do with my birthday {the title of this post, if you didn't notice}? Well for my birthday I want a day off. Lane has golfed Saturdays for the past 2 weekends - no big deal on the surface, until my kids are making me rip my hair out, lose sleep, and wrecking my house. Ok, so I want a day off!!! Seriously.

A day without snot on my clothes. Eden told me today that she just wanted to wipe it on my shirt. Really?! I'm not a freaking tissue!

A day without poop stories! I'm tired of wiping butts that aren't my own. Yesterday Eden has quarters in her pocket and they fell in the toilet...with her poop. Being the good mom that I am, I donned a glove and went in after them {all the while, reminding her that I'll never do it again so she needs to be careful from here on out}. When I pulled my hand out of the glove, it was wet! Are you serious?!?! I didn't even want to do it WITH a glove, let alone with pool water in the glove too!!!!

A day with no housework. There's laundry to be folded, washed, put away, dried, and any other number if things you do to laundry at any given moment. There's always a stack of dishes in the sink {clean and/or dirty} plus some in the dishwasher - your guess is as good as mine if they're clean or dirty, I've lost track. Hunter climbs on the dishwasher door, pulls out plates, forks, spoons, and heaven forbid he finds the knives in the back. If he isn't doing that he's pulling on my pants {wiping snot on them} wanting food or attention. The kicker, if he's doing that, Eden is asking "hold me?" While pressing herself up against me and gets mad if I tell her I'm busy.

A day of flowers, chocolates, wine, and pampering. I'll take a mani/pedi, a facial, a massage, a foot rub, bubble bath, a hair cut, the whole 9 yards! I want it all! I'm selfish, I know. I'm allowed to be!

I want a maid. Not every day, not for a whole lot of stuff, just the nitty gritty stuff. You know, dusting, cleaning baseboards/floors, and bathrooms. Oh, and I'd be willing to have her come just once a month! I feel like that's about the point I feel that I'm falling behind with everything and that would give me a chance to catch up on the 678,890,152,765 loads of laundry and the rest of the crap in my house!

I'm not asking for too much am I?! Hahaha, I mean, it's every mom's dream, right?! Just one day off.

Picture Post

January 27 - I thought my life was ending! 13 miles down, 0.1 to go...
January 28 - Runners' High? I don't know, but this looks like fun!
January 28 - Eden and Hunter, my little drummers!
January 29 - 11 months old?! How is it possible?!
January 29 - Grilled cheese for dinner to celebrate his youth. His last monthly milestone birthday before turning the big O-N-E!
January 29 - Phone calls already?!
January 30 - Eden's pattern stuff. 
February 2 - Going to a baby shower! Hunter was never able to wear these shoes, so I used them as a bow on the gifts.
February 3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Glad to be living out the parties that my mom used to host. Now to get brave enough to have the awesome door prizes that she used to have.
February 3 - My awesome football cake I made for the party.
February 4 - Eden loves her bunny. It sings the most annoying song ever and she loves to dance to it because that's what Parker and Sara taught her to do!
February 4 - Hunter loves books! How ironic that Eden got this book as a party favor at a friends birthday 2 years ago on this day?! {I know because it's his birthday}
February 5 - Hunter's top teeth started showing when he smiles. They still aren't even, but they're cute.