Saturday, February 9, 2013

Picture Post

January 27 - I thought my life was ending! 13 miles down, 0.1 to go...
January 28 - Runners' High? I don't know, but this looks like fun!
January 28 - Eden and Hunter, my little drummers!
January 29 - 11 months old?! How is it possible?!
January 29 - Grilled cheese for dinner to celebrate his youth. His last monthly milestone birthday before turning the big O-N-E!
January 29 - Phone calls already?!
January 30 - Eden's pattern stuff. 
February 2 - Going to a baby shower! Hunter was never able to wear these shoes, so I used them as a bow on the gifts.
February 3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Glad to be living out the parties that my mom used to host. Now to get brave enough to have the awesome door prizes that she used to have.
February 3 - My awesome football cake I made for the party.
February 4 - Eden loves her bunny. It sings the most annoying song ever and she loves to dance to it because that's what Parker and Sara taught her to do!
February 4 - Hunter loves books! How ironic that Eden got this book as a party favor at a friends birthday 2 years ago on this day?! {I know because it's his birthday}
February 5 - Hunter's top teeth started showing when he smiles. They still aren't even, but they're cute.

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