Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

I know I already posted about my birthday {and last week all I wanted was to get away} but I had a blast sticking with everyone and hanging out with my family that I have to post more! Saturday night dinner was delicious. While we were waiting for our table we perused through the store and found some interesting things. One of the main beers that Stone Brewery makes is the Arrogant Bastard - I've never had it, I actually don't like many of the beers that Stone brews. While we were walking through the store I told Lane that we should buy something for Hunter. 
No, we didn't buy it {it was slightly inappropriate and I'm not sure it would be worn out and about}. Since I knew I wasn't going to buy it I had to take a picture. What we did end up buying from the store was their mustard that they served with the pretzels that we ordered with dinner. I can't wait to use it! It was so good!!!

Sunday was my actual birthday and we spent the whole day as a family doing things that I wanted to do. I skipped my run on Saturday, so we went as a family on Sunday. Lane was kind enough to run with me at my pace without complaining.
When we were done with our run, he asked me if I wanted to go shopping or rock climbing. I decided on rock climbing at the indoor place close by home. At first I thought I should have gone shopping. I just didn't know what I would have purchased for myself at this moment. I hadn't planned for anything, so I would have come out empty-handed. Once I decided on rock climbing I never looked back {and I also never regretted my decision!} Eden was allowed to climb with us and we were able to just climb at our own pace and we were harnessed to each other. We had a blast! Hunter was in his stroller and there were other families there, so we weren't totally out of place.

Today marks my last birthday celebration. We went to lunch with friends. Anna and Angie and their families met us for lunch. Angie took me to lunch last year for my birthday and we always rave about the place, but have never gone back. Well, not until today! It was just as good as last year, and hopefully everyone else thought so too. My birthday was celebrated all weekend and I love that there were so many people around to share the day with me. Next' birthdays {and Mimi and Pop will be visiting!!!}

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