Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Motherhood Is...{5}

My blessing this week is that I will {hopefully} not be the one who had to teach my child{ren} through their school years.

To say that Eden and I butt heads is an understatement some days. Most of the time we get along just fine, but there are days where she's in a funk, and I of course have my fair share too! Eden and I try to work on some sort of activity together in the mornings that we're home and Hunter takes a nap. I'm learning very quickly that I will be thankful for teachers in Eden's future who will {hopefully} have the patience to handle her stubborn-ness. The problem with the 2 of us when she's learning something from me? I'm just as stubborn as she is!

This activity was going to be so much fun. Eden was going to match the M&Ms {left to right} and we were going to figure out patterns together. In the end she was going to eat {a few} of the pieces of candy that we used. Well, the activity did not end in a sweet treat. It did, however, end in tears. Eden wanted approval and permission and answers throughout the whole activity! We did the first pattern together, and we talked about the second pattern. The idea of her putting the candy on the colored dots left to right on her own was foreign to her. She wanted to ask me, "what color goes next?" and get an answer. This frustrated her. She wanted reassurance. {I want her to learn some sort of independent thinking - in a good way} If she wasn't asking she was just putting random candies on matching dots. This frustrated me. I wanted to enforce left to right during the activity.

See? I'm sure I'm not the right teacher for her in the long run. I will be very thankful for the many teachers who will enrich Eden's life as she grows and learns through her school years!

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