Wednesday, February 6, 2013

11 Months

Take a look at this cutie! I seriously can't get enough of him!!!! He's doing a tongue thing again these days because of his top teeth. All 4 are finally through and he's trying to figure out the new feeling of them on his tongue.
Hunter is walking and talking {his own language} and yelling and playing and just figuring out how and where he fits in. He's a great fun and he's starting to get along with Eden and her friends. He likes to follow them around and "chase" them. He's not near as fast as they are, but he's going to get there sooner than later! He wants to run so badly. His walking is out of control. He's walking everywhere! I finally got him to back down the stairs, feet first, on his belly. I'm getting to the point that I can almost trust him with steps - unless they're single steps. He likes to stand at the edge of single steps {curbs, step ups, the couch} no matter how high they are and he just steps right off. If he stays out of a cast until his second birthday we'll be lucky! He's so crazy.

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