Thursday, February 21, 2013

May Gray...

Here in SoCal we get the marine layer that comes in off the ocean. The worst of it is in May and June. The locals call this mornings May Gray and June Gloom. These 2 months of my life will take on the nickname in a whole new way this year. Yep, the time has come. The time that I've been dreading {and expecting} since May 2008, when Lane commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. The word that haunts every military family - deployment. It is upon us!

We don't know exactly when. I don't know where - and I'm not sure that I will ever know where. It's coming. Lane will be gone for our anniversary, Father's day, and some other's thrown in there. I know we're some of the lucky ones because as of now, we've spent 5 of 5 anniversaries together. Not every military family is as lucky as we are! So, if I seem a little out of sorts once the late spring/summer roll around, bear with me, let me get back into a groove and know that I won't abandon the blog - it'll probably end up being my outlet!

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