Saturday, February 16, 2013

Picture Post

February 6 - Eden hasn't been sleeping well in her bed. It's too loud, I yawned, my music turned off, my bears are on my bed, the light is behind the name it, she's got an excuse for it! So I went and nursed Hunter around 7 and found this in my bed when I got back!
February 8 - We discovered that Hunter likes apples! Whole apples! He'll eat them to the core, and it takes forever. It's a great sense of peace when he has an apple.
February 9 - Eden learned how to say "I love you" by signing.
February 9 - Eden on the iPad is something that Hunter wishes he could do too! He loves technology, but can't be trusted with any of it!
February 10 - I think I might have a few loads of laundry that need to be folded! Wait, wait, wait! The large basket on the couch is already folded! BUT...the wicker basket is all
February 11 - Eden's post braid hair.
February 12 - Eden left her duck outside and couldn't remember where it was when bed time rolled around. We found it the next day.
February 14 - This is how a portion of the "photo shoot" went
February 14 - Celebrating Valentine's Day with steak and heart-shaped pasta
February 15 - Hunter discovered the lawn mower toy and insisted on playing by spotlight on the patio.
February 16 - Birthday shirts have arrived!!!! 

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