Sunday, July 31, 2011

San Antonio to Austin

We made our overnight trip to San Antonio and Austin yesterday. It was a great trip and we enjoyed getting to see Grandma and her co-workers who were in Austin for a seminar for work. Eden started her day by sleeping in until 10! It was a nice treat, but Lane and I both had to get up and pack bags, so we didn't get to indulge in the late start to the morning. I told Lane on the way there that it was nice to be able to go on a vacation together. We haven't had a vacation together in a long time.
July 31 - On the way to San Antonio. Her eyes tell you how excited she is about being in the car!
Our drive to San Antonio was relatively quick. We didn't realize how close we were before making it to San Antonio yesterday. We decided to make the best of a {hot} day at the zoo. Eden loves animals and we were able to get half off admission because of the membership we have through the aquarium, so it was a great pick. Though we had a good time, and Eden enjoyed seeing the animals she did get to see, Lane and I were a little let down by the lack of animals. There were a lot of birds and a lot of monkeys out, but most of the animals thought it was just as hot as we thought it was. The elephants were fighting each other for the shade, the lions were sleeping, and the cheetahs were sleeping too.

After the zoo we went to our hotel room to freshen up and get ready to go to Austin for dinner with Grandma.  Eden needed a nap, so we let her sleep in the car with promises to see Grandma when she woke up. We met her and her friends at their hotel before heading out to dinner. They had picked out the Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill. Once we got there we learned that the restaurant was locally owned and that there's only one, and it was fabulous. The food was good and the company was great. Eden loved getting to see Grandma.
July 31 - Eden in Grandma's hotel room. She loved playing "where's Eden" with the curtains.
July 30 - Mommy, Eden, Grandma, and Daddy
July 31 - Eden and Ms. Connie
July 31 - Ms. Cindy, Daddy, and Eden
When we got done with dinner Lane, Eden and I went back to San Antonio to stay the night. We didn't get back to the hotel until about 10, so we immediately put Eden's pajamas on her and put her down for the night. Well, she wasn't a fan of that idea. She was in a scary new place and didn't want to sleep. We put her pack-n-play next to the bed so she could see us, but then all she wanted to do was stand and play. Around 11 we decided that it was best if we just left and make the drive home.

On our way home Eden fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the car - which was slightly angering since she refused to sleep in the hotel - and we sat in some construction traffic on the interstate. Once we got going again we were making good time. Lane decided a little after midnight that he needed to stop and get an energy drink to continue the drive home. This woke Eden up, and she was angry! She threw her paci and refused her duck, which are the 2 things that we've deemed to be her "essentials" because she needs them to get to sleep. She did eventually go back to sleep, but then when we were about 20 minutes from home, Lane got pulled over - for going 8 over! This too woke Eden up, and she was even more angry this time! The police officer shined his flashlight into the back of the car to look at her and she got mad and threw her paci again. This time when she threw her paci it was nowhere to be found and she screamed the rest of the way home.

When we got home, it was 2am and Eden went straight to bed. We found her paci in the car. She had thrown it into the cup holder on the door. Eden was exhausted and slept well once we were home and she was in her crib. This morning she slept in until 11 and the whole family was able to indulge in this late start to the day. It was fabulous.

All in all, the trip was a success. We were able to go on a trip as a family and Eden was very pleasant. She enjoyed spending time with us and with Grandma. She enjoyed seeing Grandma so much that we got to video chat with her and Grandpa this evening.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Unpacking, to Playdates, and Beyond!

Well, Don has come and gone and we didn't even notice! He didn't bring rain, and he didn't produce much more wind than we're used to on any normal day here in Corpus Christi. We are welcoming the idea of him being here over the weekend because it has allowed Lane to have the whole weekend off.

Today we went to the aquarium with Eden and tomorrow we're talking about going to San Antonio. Grandma is in Austin for work, and that's only about 80 miles from San Antonio, so we get to have dinner with her tomorrow. What a treat! Eden will be so excited to be able to see her. She's been asking for the family that we saw when we were in Georgia the past few days, so this will be awesome.

July 21 - I can't seem to find the motivation to completely unpack my bags from our trip. Eden tries every second to help, but I just don't want to do it!

July 22 - "The Door to Daddy's Wings" with his countdown paper chain. I see many paper chains in our future with deployments and such. It has helped many of my friends with explaining when Daddy's coming home.

July 23 - I went outside to take my picture of the day {of nothing in particular, we were just all outside} and it is so humid and hot out that the lens fogged up and this is what I got.

July 24 - Our little monkey, climbing in/on/around/through everything. Now she's interested in the kitchen chairs.

July 24 - Helping Mommy make dinner. She was crushing up the crackers that went on top of the chicken casserole that I made. We also had Red Lobster cheddar biscuits with dinner - HUGE hit at my house!

July 25 - Eden walking in Daddy's shoes...literally. 

July 25 - She actually walked really well in them, given the size of the shoe compared to her size.

July 26 - Pretzel sticks and goldfish, accompanied by blueberry and strawberry muffins for our play group friends who came over to play!

July 26 - Not the best run time, but since I haven't run since before going to Georgia I'm just proud that I actually did it! I mapped out the run that I do on base on the computer and then linked it with the treadmill, so I knew exactly where I was on my run. 

July 26 - When Eden woke up from her nap, she had one arm out of her sleeve...still trying to figure that one out.

July 27 - She wanted a pillow and a blanket to watch TV while I was getting ready this morning. Can we say "Princess Eden"?

July 28 - She loves to play with cars, will point out when a motorcycle drives by {even if she only hears it} and doesn't care if she gets dirty; however, she does love her accessories!

July 28 - As I was taking this she was trying to get the purse off her head, but one strap was behind her head and one in front, so when she grabbed both straps it caused this look on her face and I couldn't make myself delete it! I laugh every time I look at it!

July 28 - Another run on the treadmill. Much better time! I was doing  the first day of my 1/2 marathon training program, which I need to ask the doctor if its ok that I keep up with this and increasing the intensity gradually.

July 29 - The view outside our second floor window as Don gets closer to us. 

July 29 - Our patio furniture and potted plants had to make their way into the kitchen in case the winds got too bad outside. Now that the storm had hit, I think they would have been fine to stay outside, oh well.


So, how did Lane find out that we were having baby #2?

Well, I wasn't feeling well in the evenings and I was exhausted every. single. day! I don't just mean a little tired, I couldn't sit down in the afternoons without falling asleep. At first I just thought I was tired because Eden and I had been getting up early and spending long mornings at Vacation Bible School, but that couldn't have been making me as tired as I actually was.

I knew that it wasn't likely that I was pregnant because I had a cold, then Eden got HFMD, and then Lane got HFMD and we were sleeping in different rooms. I guess God had plans for our family and he wasn't going to let sickness stand in the way!

One night while cooking dinner, I didn't feel well and I happened to need to go to the store for something, so I picked up a home pregnancy test. When I got home from the store, I snuck into the bathroom and took the test. It happened to be the night before trash day, so I was able to sneak back into the bathroom to check the test by collecting trash from around the house to take outside. Well, when I went to check, I saw 2 pink lines on the test! I almost fainted.

I took the trash to the kitchen to combine with the kitchen trash and I gave the test to Eden and told her to take it to Daddy. She proudly took the test into the living room and gave it to Lane and he just stared at it. When he processed the fact that there were 2 lines on the test, he processed what that meant and he looked at me and asked, "is this from now?" I couldn't help but giggle when he asked. I told him it was from now and he immediately got up to give me a hug and asked Eden if she was ready to be a big sister! Oh wow, a big sister?!

In the following weeks Lane began to be in denial - partially because of the issues at the doctor, I'm sure. I think it was his way of protecting himself if things changed. He was saying crazy things like maybe the tests I had taken were "reverse engineered" and were giving me a false positive. I kept telling him that it isn't possible to have a false positive, only false negative. If the hormones are there, they're there! Oh Lane, how I love you and how your brain works!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been withholding information from the blog for a while now and its starting to weigh on me! I feel bad for waiting so long to say anything, but I've been sworn to secrecy. Lane wouldn't let me say anything about it. The SUPER important people in our lives know, but I wasn't aloud to shout it from the rooftop like I wanted to! {I've still not been given the ok from Lane to put this on the blog, but more and more people are finding out - thanks Mom and Dad - so I'm saying something now.}


We found out in mid-June {I told you I've been withholding information for a while} and I've been dying to be able to say something. In Lane's defense, we had a miscarriage before Eden and the very beginning stages of this pregnancy were a bit iffy. Because of our insurance, I had to have a referral from my family practice doctor to be able to make an appointment with an OB out in town, but to get that referral I had to have a positive pregnancy test. We didn't think that would be a problem because I had 2 positive ones at home already. We were wrong. My first test at the doctor came back negative, so they decided to do a quantitative blood test to see how elevated my hormone levels were. Well, they were low. Now the doctor wanted to do a repeat of the blood work to see if the levels were changing at all and they also wanted to do an ultrasound because they were thinking that this could possibly be an ectopic or molar pregnancy - neither one are good in terms of getting pregnant again after them occurring. I had my ultrasound done and they saw the early stages of a pregnancy, but no heartbeat which was normal for the size of the gestational sac that they measured. My second set of hormone levels had come back and they were much higher than the first levels, but the doctor wanted one more set of blood work done, so I got blood drawn AGAIN!

So, all that was done in a matter of 2 weeks, and I got my referral letter from the insurance company. I'm excited about the doctor that I was assigned because I have already heard great things about her. My only complaint so far is that it is going to be very hard to get appointments. I've got 2 scheduled so far, but it took 2 days to get a hold of the receptionist to make the appointments. My first appointment is next Tuesday, and then I have another one on August 30. I'm nervous about the appointment on Tuesday because I just want to see the heartbeat of this little one to be reassured that everything is ok. I am not feeling 100% these days which is giving me slight reassurance that things are ok, but that little flicker of a heartbeat will make me feel so much better. I never thought I'd thank God for the days that I don't feel good, but these days I am doing just that!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we travel along this journey together. We are very excited, but until that first doctors appointment we are very anxious. I'll get around to how I told Lane soon, but please know that he's been in a slight denial about the whole thing - thus the 5 tests taken, yes, I took 5!


There's a new man in my life and he is taking up much of my attention. Lane is aware of this "Don" who is very apparent in my life, because he's also very apparent in Lane's life too. Don is the newest tropical storm who is threatening to make landfall here in Corpus Christi Friday night/Saturday morning. I guess since we've lived on the Gulf Coast for 2 years now, and we've never had the threat of a big storm, we're about due for one!

As of right now it does not seem that there is a threat of Don turning into a hurricane, so, so far we seem to be in the clear. Lane did get the call last night that he is one of the students who is going to help to evacuate the planes if the storm looks like it could do damage to the planes here on base. If the storm remains a tropical storm, Eden and I will stay put with lots of dry foods and bottled water on hand. Eden will be in heaven at the idea of only eating "snack foods" if we happen to lose power! She loves pretzel sticks, gold fish, fruit snacks, puffs, and all kinds of foods like that!

As the storm nears us, I will put Eden's pack-n-play in my room, so she's close by in case we need to take cover. Because we're in a townhouse-type home, we share some internal walls with our neighbors that are window-less, so I've already picked our our take cover spot. I don't even know, do you take cover during a hurricane? I guess we will if the winds seem dangerous. I've found our flash light and made sure that the batteries are ready to go. I don't own any candles, and I haven't decided if I'm going to buy any.

Anyways, that's what's going on here in Corpus Christi. Never a dull moment!

*Update: The storm is still a tropical storm, but in hopes of taking a ground class that starts tomorrow, Lane will not be leaving to evacuate the planes. Eden and I don't have to weather the storm alone!*

Monday, July 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Yeah, you heard me! I know, I know - its July...but its July 25th, so its Christmas in July!

Oh, how I love Christmas. Because I love Christmas so much, why not celebrate it on the 25th of EVERY month! I wish! If I hadn't put all of our Christmas decorations in the back of our storage space because we wouldn't be here for Christmas, I would totally pull some of it out and put up some decorations! Ah, it would make me smile. I'm giddy at the thought of it. But alas, I tucked the decorations back in the back with all of the un-needed baby stuff because we knew when we moved in that we wouldn't be here long enough to need any of it.

I hope you take a moment to enjoy the day and maybe celebrate Christmas in July in your own way! Speaking of, I think I might actually start sending out Christmas cards in July. How fun would that be?!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Eden is constantly talking, and we know that in her mind it means things, but we don't always understand what she's talking about. She says many words that we do understand - dog, Daddy, Mama, shoes, Ginger, Nugget, milk, more, thanks, etc. - but some words we just pretend that we understand and we help her tell stories with them.

One night {before I went to Georgia} Lane and I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out what Eden was talking about at diaper time. The word "hom" is one of her newest words that we can understand. Every night she would say "hom" when we would put lotion and diaper rash cream on her in preparation for bed after bath time. It finally occurred to us that she was asking for "some" of the lotion or cream. Now whenever we have anything like hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, or anything else that is similar Eden asks for "hom."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Georgia Peach

Here are the pictures from our visit to Georgia. Eden and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and loved being around friends and family that we don't get to see very often.

July 12 - Eden at the Corpus Christi airport, ready to go see Mimi for her birthday! I think at this point she was still asking for Daddy and I had tears in my eyes at the idea of not being able to grant the request for the next 8 days!

July 12 - In Atlanta, on MARTA to meet Pop at work so he can take us home.

July 14 - Eden loving that she's going to get some ice cream with chocolate for Mimi's birthday at Longhorns. She also loved the Texas Tonion - basically a fried onion.

July 14 - Mimi with her dessert.

July 14 - Eden and Parker got the mail when we got home from dinner.

July 14 - Eden showed Mimi, Pop, and Parker how she loves to play with shaving cream at bath time.

July 15 - Mimi, Eden, and Frasier playing on the deck. Mimi must have been taking a break from her busy work schedule to play with Eden.

July 16 - Eden with Sara at the cookout that Mimi and Pop hosted so Eden and I could see more friends in one place.

July 16 - Eden with Marylynn and Brian's two oldest girls at the cookout.

July 17 - Eden was in the bathroom when Pop got out of the shower. From the bedroom I heard Pop say, "We have to take off your diaper," before hearing the water get turned back on. When I went to see what they were up to, this is what I found. Eden played in the shower for about 15-20 minutes and loved every minute of it.

July 17 - Eden in the shower.

July 18 - Eden playing phase 10, a family favorite!

July 18 - Eden with Pop at the Varsity. She got to eat a "naked dog" and onion rings.

July 18 - Eden with her Varsity hat.

July 18 - Eden with Pop at Centennial Olympic Park on Pop's extended lunch break.

July 18 - Eden playing in the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park.

July 18 - Eden and Mommy running around the fountains to find Pop again.

July 18 - Eden and Pop walking to the playground after having fun in the fountains. 

July 19 - Eden and Mimi at Stone Mountain Park. We took a picnic dinner and watched the laser show. Eden loved it and the fireworks didn't phase her!

July 20 - Eden at the playground in the Dallas airport during our layover.

July 20 - Eden on the tram to get to our next flight to come home to see Daddy!

July 20 - The playground worked to get her to sleep! She got a 45 minute nap during our layover and even stayed asleep when I took her out of the seat and put her into the ERGO carrier.
We loved visiting family, but we are glad to be home with Daddy. We're back to our "normal" life of Daddy going to work and Eden and I spending our days together. We are trying to get into the groove of it just being the 2 of us, and that's more difficult than coming home from past trips. She is coming from having constant attention, and I'm coming from her getting constant attention - from everyone else - and therefore she wants the attention, and I want someone to give it to her! We're figuring each other out though, just one day at a time!


 As promised, here are the pictures that I've slacked about putting on here! Enjoy!
June 30 - Eden getting into everything, again, always!

June 30 - When Daddy isn't home for dinner we resort to pb-n-j! I turned around and she was digging between the pieces of bread and making a rather large mess!

July 1 - Eden and Ginger watching Baby Einstein's Baby Newton.

July 2 - Eden and Mommy at the Texas State Aquarium.

July 1 - One of the three dolphins at the aquarium playing with a floating toy ring.

July 2 - Eden at the splash park at the aquarium. The kids in the background are looking up to see when the big bucket above them is going to get full and dump onto them. Eden wasn't a big fan of the water dump, partially because the kids would scream with excitement, and I think it scared her.

July 3 - The canvas that I painted to hang Eden's artwork under. 

July 3 - The wire under the canvas that I will use clothes pins to hang pictures from.

July 3 - Eden on her way upstairs to take a bath.

July 4 - Enjoying play time before going to a friends for Fourth of July  cookout. 

July 4 - Eden and her friends at the cookout.

July 4 - Taking part in a watermelon eating contest!

July 4 - Eating her bowl of watermelon. She first just simply put it all in her mouth and didn't think about how she was going to actually eat it!

July 4 - Consuming the entire bowl of watermelon.

July 5 - Eden and Mommy went to the once a month playgroup at our local mall and Great American Cookie Company  had free cookies for the kids to decorate! 
July 5 - It didn't take long for Eden to realize that the icing on the cookie was delicious! As soon as it got on her finger when she smooshed an M&M into the icing, she knew this was something good!
July 6 - The beginnings of assembling our new treadmill.

July 6 - Boo, the top of the console is cracked and the shelf on the console is broken.

July 7 - Eden has begun learning how to put clothes on properly. She started by putting my underwear around her neck, so I'm glad that she's now putting shirts on her head now.
July 8 - The first time the treadmill was used! We had to wait to get a surge protector before we could use it.

July 9 - The snowman that I painted at a painting class in Corpus Christi.

July 10 - Eden and Daddy sitting on the couch together.

July 11 - Eden strolling around the kitchen in her ride for the airport! We needed to make sure that everything worked well and that she would actually sit in her carseat apparatus! She loved it.
Next up: The trip to GA!