Sunday, July 31, 2011

San Antonio to Austin

We made our overnight trip to San Antonio and Austin yesterday. It was a great trip and we enjoyed getting to see Grandma and her co-workers who were in Austin for a seminar for work. Eden started her day by sleeping in until 10! It was a nice treat, but Lane and I both had to get up and pack bags, so we didn't get to indulge in the late start to the morning. I told Lane on the way there that it was nice to be able to go on a vacation together. We haven't had a vacation together in a long time.
July 31 - On the way to San Antonio. Her eyes tell you how excited she is about being in the car!
Our drive to San Antonio was relatively quick. We didn't realize how close we were before making it to San Antonio yesterday. We decided to make the best of a {hot} day at the zoo. Eden loves animals and we were able to get half off admission because of the membership we have through the aquarium, so it was a great pick. Though we had a good time, and Eden enjoyed seeing the animals she did get to see, Lane and I were a little let down by the lack of animals. There were a lot of birds and a lot of monkeys out, but most of the animals thought it was just as hot as we thought it was. The elephants were fighting each other for the shade, the lions were sleeping, and the cheetahs were sleeping too.

After the zoo we went to our hotel room to freshen up and get ready to go to Austin for dinner with Grandma.  Eden needed a nap, so we let her sleep in the car with promises to see Grandma when she woke up. We met her and her friends at their hotel before heading out to dinner. They had picked out the Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill. Once we got there we learned that the restaurant was locally owned and that there's only one, and it was fabulous. The food was good and the company was great. Eden loved getting to see Grandma.
July 31 - Eden in Grandma's hotel room. She loved playing "where's Eden" with the curtains.
July 30 - Mommy, Eden, Grandma, and Daddy
July 31 - Eden and Ms. Connie
July 31 - Ms. Cindy, Daddy, and Eden
When we got done with dinner Lane, Eden and I went back to San Antonio to stay the night. We didn't get back to the hotel until about 10, so we immediately put Eden's pajamas on her and put her down for the night. Well, she wasn't a fan of that idea. She was in a scary new place and didn't want to sleep. We put her pack-n-play next to the bed so she could see us, but then all she wanted to do was stand and play. Around 11 we decided that it was best if we just left and make the drive home.

On our way home Eden fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the car - which was slightly angering since she refused to sleep in the hotel - and we sat in some construction traffic on the interstate. Once we got going again we were making good time. Lane decided a little after midnight that he needed to stop and get an energy drink to continue the drive home. This woke Eden up, and she was angry! She threw her paci and refused her duck, which are the 2 things that we've deemed to be her "essentials" because she needs them to get to sleep. She did eventually go back to sleep, but then when we were about 20 minutes from home, Lane got pulled over - for going 8 over! This too woke Eden up, and she was even more angry this time! The police officer shined his flashlight into the back of the car to look at her and she got mad and threw her paci again. This time when she threw her paci it was nowhere to be found and she screamed the rest of the way home.

When we got home, it was 2am and Eden went straight to bed. We found her paci in the car. She had thrown it into the cup holder on the door. Eden was exhausted and slept well once we were home and she was in her crib. This morning she slept in until 11 and the whole family was able to indulge in this late start to the day. It was fabulous.

All in all, the trip was a success. We were able to go on a trip as a family and Eden was very pleasant. She enjoyed spending time with us and with Grandma. She enjoyed seeing Grandma so much that we got to video chat with her and Grandpa this evening.

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