Friday, July 29, 2011


So, how did Lane find out that we were having baby #2?

Well, I wasn't feeling well in the evenings and I was exhausted every. single. day! I don't just mean a little tired, I couldn't sit down in the afternoons without falling asleep. At first I just thought I was tired because Eden and I had been getting up early and spending long mornings at Vacation Bible School, but that couldn't have been making me as tired as I actually was.

I knew that it wasn't likely that I was pregnant because I had a cold, then Eden got HFMD, and then Lane got HFMD and we were sleeping in different rooms. I guess God had plans for our family and he wasn't going to let sickness stand in the way!

One night while cooking dinner, I didn't feel well and I happened to need to go to the store for something, so I picked up a home pregnancy test. When I got home from the store, I snuck into the bathroom and took the test. It happened to be the night before trash day, so I was able to sneak back into the bathroom to check the test by collecting trash from around the house to take outside. Well, when I went to check, I saw 2 pink lines on the test! I almost fainted.

I took the trash to the kitchen to combine with the kitchen trash and I gave the test to Eden and told her to take it to Daddy. She proudly took the test into the living room and gave it to Lane and he just stared at it. When he processed the fact that there were 2 lines on the test, he processed what that meant and he looked at me and asked, "is this from now?" I couldn't help but giggle when he asked. I told him it was from now and he immediately got up to give me a hug and asked Eden if she was ready to be a big sister! Oh wow, a big sister?!

In the following weeks Lane began to be in denial - partially because of the issues at the doctor, I'm sure. I think it was his way of protecting himself if things changed. He was saying crazy things like maybe the tests I had taken were "reverse engineered" and were giving me a false positive. I kept telling him that it isn't possible to have a false positive, only false negative. If the hormones are there, they're there! Oh Lane, how I love you and how your brain works!!!

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