Friday, July 22, 2011


 As promised, here are the pictures that I've slacked about putting on here! Enjoy!
June 30 - Eden getting into everything, again, always!

June 30 - When Daddy isn't home for dinner we resort to pb-n-j! I turned around and she was digging between the pieces of bread and making a rather large mess!

July 1 - Eden and Ginger watching Baby Einstein's Baby Newton.

July 2 - Eden and Mommy at the Texas State Aquarium.

July 1 - One of the three dolphins at the aquarium playing with a floating toy ring.

July 2 - Eden at the splash park at the aquarium. The kids in the background are looking up to see when the big bucket above them is going to get full and dump onto them. Eden wasn't a big fan of the water dump, partially because the kids would scream with excitement, and I think it scared her.

July 3 - The canvas that I painted to hang Eden's artwork under. 

July 3 - The wire under the canvas that I will use clothes pins to hang pictures from.

July 3 - Eden on her way upstairs to take a bath.

July 4 - Enjoying play time before going to a friends for Fourth of July  cookout. 

July 4 - Eden and her friends at the cookout.

July 4 - Taking part in a watermelon eating contest!

July 4 - Eating her bowl of watermelon. She first just simply put it all in her mouth and didn't think about how she was going to actually eat it!

July 4 - Consuming the entire bowl of watermelon.

July 5 - Eden and Mommy went to the once a month playgroup at our local mall and Great American Cookie Company  had free cookies for the kids to decorate! 
July 5 - It didn't take long for Eden to realize that the icing on the cookie was delicious! As soon as it got on her finger when she smooshed an M&M into the icing, she knew this was something good!
July 6 - The beginnings of assembling our new treadmill.

July 6 - Boo, the top of the console is cracked and the shelf on the console is broken.

July 7 - Eden has begun learning how to put clothes on properly. She started by putting my underwear around her neck, so I'm glad that she's now putting shirts on her head now.
July 8 - The first time the treadmill was used! We had to wait to get a surge protector before we could use it.

July 9 - The snowman that I painted at a painting class in Corpus Christi.

July 10 - Eden and Daddy sitting on the couch together.

July 11 - Eden strolling around the kitchen in her ride for the airport! We needed to make sure that everything worked well and that she would actually sit in her carseat apparatus! She loved it.
Next up: The trip to GA!

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