Friday, May 21, 2010

Well Baby Visit

Today Eden got to go see her doctor again! We're trying to keep positive attitudes about being at the doctor so that she doesn't have anxiety towards going to and being at the doctors' office.

We had Eden's 2 month well baby appointment - even though she's almost 3 months old now! She weighed 10lbs 4oz and was 23 inches long. The doctor was very pleased with everything that he saw. She made sure to show off for him too! She held her head up for a long time, she talked to him, she laughed with him...and then there were shots! Eden had 3 shots today and an oral medication. The shots came as a shock to her when she got them. In the first seconds I didn't think she was going to cry, she just looked at us like she was confused, then came the sad lip, and then the red-faced-tears rolling-screaming. After all 3 shots were given and she had her Buggs Bunny band aids on we were able to hold her again and comfort her and she was happy again.

On the drive home Eden actually fell asleep and was out for the ride. She probably got about a 30 minute nap, which was all she got other than some power naps while at the doctor, all morning. When we tried to put her down for a nap this afternoon she didn't want to go to sleep in her cradle by herself, so I gave in and took a nap with her so she would sleep (this probably means I made her regress in her sleeping habits that were improving by leaps and bounds). Since her nap this afternoon she's been very, very fussy and tired. We did give her some Tylenol, but she's just wanted to sleep and be held this afternoon. I hope she starts to feel better soon, I don't like having a grumpy baby when there's nothing that we can do to help her feel better.

Next week we will travel to GA for Eden's baptism at Dunwoody United Methodist Church on Sunday. I will definitely add pictures and some information about that when we return home from the trip!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, life is full of firsts these days - first smiles, first coos, first time to hold her head up - and it was my turn today. I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother.

I have a new appreciation for the day and for the mom's in my life now that I know (only a fraction) of the sacrifices they've made and the love that they've offered. I have only had my child in my life (out of the womb) for a little more than 2 months, so I know that there is a lot more to know and a lot more to learn about being a good parent, the good news is that I have great role models in my life to learn from!

To all the moms in the world, Happy Mother's Day! You are special and you give all that you have and more every day and without you we would not be who we are now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God is Good

As some of you may know, yesterday was the anniversary of our miscarriage of my first pregnancy. It was also the day that Eden turned 2 months old - can it be true?! The day was bittersweet for me.

This time last year I sat on the couch all day every day and would randomly cry. I was also anxious because I had been so excited about celebrating my first Mother's Day, only to lose the baby the Monday before. It was hard - I didn't send cards, gifts, and I'm not even sure I called to say "Happy Mother's Day!" I was sad and I felt like the world was coming to an end.

This year I was sad, but I also had a bundle of joy to take care of and to love on when I got sad. I I started to realize after the miscarriage last year that God just wanted our child(ren) to have a guardian angel, but it was solidified this year. As I watched Eden sleep, eat, play, laugh, and smile I knew that she had her own angel to watch over her. I know God knows what he's doing and

Eden's life, as short has been to this point, has really opened my eyes to realize God's blessings. She was born on the anniversary date of Grampie's funeral last year. Grampie was the first person who was close to me that I've lost. He did not see his death as a bad thing, he told us that he was simply graduating. It is special that she was born a year after we celebrated his "graduation." Then, the day that she turned 1 month old was Easter. This is another day of celebration for us as a Christian family as we celebrate Jesus rising from the tomb after dying on the cross for our sins so that we may live a life eternal in Heaven. And then yesterday, we celebrated Eden's turning 2 months on the anniversary of our miscarriage. With all of these blessings that she has already been a part of, I can thank God for being awesome and blessing our lives in the ways that he has.