Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, life is full of firsts these days - first smiles, first coos, first time to hold her head up - and it was my turn today. I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother.

I have a new appreciation for the day and for the mom's in my life now that I know (only a fraction) of the sacrifices they've made and the love that they've offered. I have only had my child in my life (out of the womb) for a little more than 2 months, so I know that there is a lot more to know and a lot more to learn about being a good parent, the good news is that I have great role models in my life to learn from!

To all the moms in the world, Happy Mother's Day! You are special and you give all that you have and more every day and without you we would not be who we are now!

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