Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been withholding information from the blog for a while now and its starting to weigh on me! I feel bad for waiting so long to say anything, but I've been sworn to secrecy. Lane wouldn't let me say anything about it. The SUPER important people in our lives know, but I wasn't aloud to shout it from the rooftop like I wanted to! {I've still not been given the ok from Lane to put this on the blog, but more and more people are finding out - thanks Mom and Dad - so I'm saying something now.}


We found out in mid-June {I told you I've been withholding information for a while} and I've been dying to be able to say something. In Lane's defense, we had a miscarriage before Eden and the very beginning stages of this pregnancy were a bit iffy. Because of our insurance, I had to have a referral from my family practice doctor to be able to make an appointment with an OB out in town, but to get that referral I had to have a positive pregnancy test. We didn't think that would be a problem because I had 2 positive ones at home already. We were wrong. My first test at the doctor came back negative, so they decided to do a quantitative blood test to see how elevated my hormone levels were. Well, they were low. Now the doctor wanted to do a repeat of the blood work to see if the levels were changing at all and they also wanted to do an ultrasound because they were thinking that this could possibly be an ectopic or molar pregnancy - neither one are good in terms of getting pregnant again after them occurring. I had my ultrasound done and they saw the early stages of a pregnancy, but no heartbeat which was normal for the size of the gestational sac that they measured. My second set of hormone levels had come back and they were much higher than the first levels, but the doctor wanted one more set of blood work done, so I got blood drawn AGAIN!

So, all that was done in a matter of 2 weeks, and I got my referral letter from the insurance company. I'm excited about the doctor that I was assigned because I have already heard great things about her. My only complaint so far is that it is going to be very hard to get appointments. I've got 2 scheduled so far, but it took 2 days to get a hold of the receptionist to make the appointments. My first appointment is next Tuesday, and then I have another one on August 30. I'm nervous about the appointment on Tuesday because I just want to see the heartbeat of this little one to be reassured that everything is ok. I am not feeling 100% these days which is giving me slight reassurance that things are ok, but that little flicker of a heartbeat will make me feel so much better. I never thought I'd thank God for the days that I don't feel good, but these days I am doing just that!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we travel along this journey together. We are very excited, but until that first doctors appointment we are very anxious. I'll get around to how I told Lane soon, but please know that he's been in a slight denial about the whole thing - thus the 5 tests taken, yes, I took 5!


  1. Congrats Brittany! How exciting!! I will definitely be thinking of you and praying for you and your (very) little one at this upcoming doctor's appointment. If you haven't heard of the book Praying Through Your Pregnancy, I highly recommend it! It's been my favorite out of all the books I've read. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Prayers, prayers, prayers and MORE prayers. I know the roller coaster all to well... I want so bad for you to hear the heartbeat!! Wonderful news!