Monday, August 1, 2011


Eden is talking more and more these days. Some times we can understand her, other times, well, there's just no way to understand what she's saying. Today she said her first "sentence" when Lane asked her if she wanted water. Her response to him was "no wawa, milk." She knows what she wants and she'll let you know!

Other fun things Eden is saying"
"no, no" - One of her all time favorites, though Lane and I have discovered that no only means "no" when Eden says it, not when she's being told no.
"is-ha" - This is Edens way of saying "its hot," a phrase she hears a lot with regards to food or walking on the sidewalk without shoes. Here in Texas, that's just not a good idea!
"teedee" - When she sees a remote or a screen that resembles a tv, she lets you know what it is.
"pay" - Any time she sees a playground she must make the request to "pay." I am happy to say that if the answer is no, she usually does well and doesn't cause a scene, which I'm SO thankful for!
"fi" - If we ever go through a drive through, Eden expects that someone in the car will be getting an order of fries and she expects to get one soon after they're delivered to the car. This is usually followed by "is-ha" no matter the temperature of the fries.
K - These days, if a word ends with a hard "k" sound, you will hear it when Eden says the word. She enunciates the sound very clearly. milk = milK, walk = walK, knock = knocK, and book = booK.
"neat" - If any timer goes off in our house Eden thinks it is time to eat.
"wa-wee" - Every night Eden likes to go for a walk around the block in the wagon.
"owie" - Eden will say this when anything might have slightly hurt her. She has also named the sand spurs down here owies.

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