Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 Days!

I was so worried when Lane and I first started talking about trying to get pregnant with Baby #2. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to enjoy pregnancy this go round like I enjoyed it when I was pregnant with Eden. I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy time with Eden as much because I was trying so hard to enjoy my pregnancy. I was worried about balance in general! But, boy was I wrong. I think this is God's way of teaching me that my love, my time, my efforts, and everything are going to work out and all balance each other out even with Baby #2 on the way.

As summer is winding down, and Lane is finishing up flight school, and we're preparing for another vacation for Eden and I, and another move is right around the corner, I've found that I still get excited and count down the days until my next milestone with Baby #2. Just 15 short days and I get to go to the doctor again! This is so exciting for me because I will get to see Baby #2 again - I think. I'm expecting that the doctor will do an ultrasound because the last one was simply to confirm that the heart was beating. Nothing was recorded from the ultrasound and therefore I feel like she'll do another one. I am also excited about the appointment because I will be in my 2nd trimester! I can't believe it is going by so fast.

On the same day as my doctor's appointment I get to leave with Eden {but, sadly, leave Lane behind} to go to the beach with family for our family reunion. I'm excited to see family and I'm really excited about the opportunity to enjoy some down time that includes fun in the sun! Eden's cousins on my side of the family will be there and I know it's been at least 6 months since they've seen her. They will be shocked at how much she has changed. I'm not even sure if she was walking the last time they saw her.

So, the next 14 days will be fun, but I feel like they will drag on because I'm looking forward to day 15 for so many reasons!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations on the new baby to be!!! YAY!! This pregnancy let me warn you will go VERY fast!! And nothing beats sibling love!
    Prayers and hugs,