Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Need A Vacation?

We'll have a perfect vacation spot for you before too long! Lane got called into a spur of the moment meeting yesterday and he found out that we're going to be moving to San Diego! This move will take place after another quick move. The quick move will be to Cherry Point, North Carolina, but we're excited non the less.

There are three Marines who are in Lane's winging class and there are three locations of C-130 squadrons. At the meeting they learned that they were going to be sending one of the Marines to each of the squadrons. That meant that someone was going to Japan. There was a part of me that wanted {and still wants} to go to Japan for the adventure. I think it would be fun, I think it would be interesting, and I think that it would be for three years and then they bring us back. However, at this point in our lives, it just isn't the right timing for us to make the trek half way across the world.

Lane had the highest score that determines within the Marines, so he was able to get his first choice for location. Ever since going to San Diego, he's been wanting so badly to go back. He talks about San Diego all the time and he always says that he wishes he could take Eden and I to see the area because it was so beautiful. He's getting his wish and he's going to get to live it for a few years now.

So, if you need a vacation, we'll have a great place for you to visit and we'll make sure to have a room and fresh linens ready for you.

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  1. According to my hubby, you will LOVE San Diego! What a wonderful place to settle down for a few years--and congrats to Lane on his high score! :)