Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today, Eden's "pobby" saw more action that it's seen in the past few days. After the first 2 days of the "pobby" being new, Eden kind of lost interest and stopped asking to go. I thought this might happen, so I wasn't too discouraged by it. I just kept asking her if she wanted to use it and went with whatever answer she gave me. If she said no, we just changed her diaper and went about our business. If she said yes, we would sit on the "pobby" and give it a go.

The "pobby" is still as clean as it was the day we got it. She's yet to use it, just sit on it. Today when we were walking back from the mailbox {we didn't get the mail yesterday} she squatted on the sidewalk, stood up and said "poop" so I knew she was back into the swing of noticing when her diaper was filling up. After we were home it wasn't long before she asked to sit on the "pobby," so we tried again.

Today was the first day ANYTHING has happened on the "pobby." Don't get too excited, she didn't actually use the "pobby," but, she did poot on the "pobby!" I guess I shouldn't get too excited about this, but it is the only thing she's done on it!! I might be making it up, but I'm thinking she knew she had to pass gas and that she wanted to sit on the "pobby" so she could use it.

Needless to say, I clapped, said good job and we celebrated Eden's accomplishment {and Eden turned to look to see what she might have left behind}. I am one proud mamma! I never thought I'd be proud of Eden for passing gas, this is a whole new level of proud for me!

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