Monday, August 8, 2011


Nope, not the red dipping stuff for french fries and what you put on hot dogs and hamburgers! I need to play "catch up" and get some pictures on here so you can see what we've been up to.

Last week Eden and I went out every morning, and I'm not going to lie, it was great to get out of the house each day. It makes the day go by so much quicker. It isn't doing well for the amount of housework that I have building up, but I'll learn how to manage my time when we go out each morning, but until then...the house is a wreck! Best part about it? I don't even care!!!
July 31 - Eden ate a plum for breakfast. She's never had a plum, with the pit, on her own. She actually ate most of it and the skin didn't bother her.
August 1 - Eden got to drink milk from a cup with a straw in the car! I must have lost my mind...but there were no spills, so that was good!
August 2 - Who could resist seeing Baby2 again!? This was the highlight of this day, for sure.
August 3 - Lane's schedule of events. It's a flow chart that has each flight and simulator training that he has to complete before September 23! The orange highlighted events are the ones he's already completed. 
August 4 - I have my sister-in-law, Angela, and niece, Mack to thank for curbing my "morning sickness." They made and sent this jam and I add it to a bagel and it starts my day off feeling much better than before!
August 5 - Eden loves her etch-a-sketch toy. She loves to "cala" on it. 
August 5 - So happy to have her "cala."
August 5 - Posing for the camera!
August 6 - We went to an evening Hooks Minor League Baseball game and Eden was very tired when we got 10! But she was a trooper, and loved playing on the playground and running around.
August 7 - Eden helped Mommy make pizza for dinner. Or, did Mommy help Eden make pizza for dinner?
August 8 - Eden fell asleep on the way home from running errands and stayed asleep when I layed her down on the couch.
August 8 - What a peaceful sleeper!

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