Monday, August 8, 2011


Eden has a boyfriend! But they don't always get along. Last week when I went to the doctor, a friend of mine watched Eden, and then I returned the favor 2 days later when she went to the doctor. Nelson, or "Na-new," is one month older than Eden and neither child likes to share. This makes them great friends, right? Sure, if you're me or Whitney and you force the friendship. No, no, actually Eden asks for Nelson when he's not around, so my vote is that they're friends on their own too. Here are some pictures of how well they share when they're together.
He didn't want to share with Eden, so he hid behind the table and she ran to me crying.  
Playing with the blocks together.
I'm not sure what she's doing. Looking over what he's doing? Trying to get around him? Who knows?
They enjoyed playing near each other more than playing with each other.
Notice, Nelson has the "cala," or Eden's etch-a-sketch, so I think she's watching closely and waiting on him to drop it so she can get it back.

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