Friday, August 5, 2011

Bathtub Fun

Oh. My. Goodness! Tonight was a wonderful night. Eden, Daddy and I - yes, Daddy got to have a fun evening with us too, finally! - went bowling and out to dinner with friends. It was fabulous. I love meeting new people and I love having people return to our lives from previous places we've been. That is one of the great things about military living, you always seem to know someone where you're going!

When we got home it was bath time for Eden. We did a quick, jump in the tub, kind of bath. In order to speed things up, I actually went ahead and let the water out of the tub while she was still in the water and let her "choose" to get out so I didn't have to deal with the fight of a quick exit.

As she was standing up to get out, she said "poop." I didn't think anything of it because we have a lot of false alarms around here! Well, this one wasn't false. She really did have to poop. And she really did poop. After she did, I calmly held her hand to get her to walk towards me so she didn't step in it and she looked down and freaked out! Oh wow, she was scared out of her mind. Crying, trying to get out of the tub, anything she could do to get away from it! At that point I panicked and called Lane upstairs to help me. When she tried to climb out of the bathtub, she smeared poop on the edge and it was all I could do to panic and put her on the toilet - as I'm laughing hysterically because she was so scared of it.

The bathtub got cleaned - thanks Daddy - and Eden got cleaned up, pajamas on, and is now sleeping peacefully {for now}. Ahhhh...what a wonderful way to end a great night! Ha ha ha!

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