Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pee Pee

Did you ever think you'd read so much about Eden and her eliminations?! Ha ha, well, this one is worth writing about, so you just have to deal. Eden peepeed on the potty!!!!!!!!!!! She sat down on the potty across from me going potty and we sang and we read a book. She wanted me to write the letters p and t on her magnadoodle toy.

As we were reading one of her books she said peepee and so we took a peek. Yes! There was peepee in the potty! I clapped, I cheered, I let her wipe, I let her flush, all while she stared at me like I was insane! I was so proud of her and she had no idea what I was so happy about. She kept looking at me like, "yes, we talk about peepee on the potty all the time and I did it, why are you so happy?!"

So there you have it, Eden went peepee on the potty and I would love to keep this up.

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