Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on California

Looks like you guys might be able to vacation sooner than we thought! Lane found out today that we're probably going to move right to California and not make the pit stop in Cherry Point, North Carolina. I'm sad because I have some friends who just left here to go there, and Lane's cousin is there right now. I was looking forward to making the drive up to DC to see the area, see friends from Virginia that are still there, and hang out with Lane's sister and her family who are moving back some time sooner than later. All those plans that I've imagined are thrown out the window to make new ones!

I do have friends out in San Diego also, so we'll be able to see them sooner. And actually, I think there are some people who we were going to miss by just a hair if we had gone to North Carolina, so this will work well so we can see them. I'm also glad to be going without a pit stop because now we know that Baby #2 will be born in California and I won't have to change doctors twice towards the end of my pregnancy. I also won't have to travel all the way across the country at 8-9 months pregnant! Oh the small blessings in life cannot be overlooked, that's for sure!

If I get more "news" I'll keep you updated, but for now you can just call me your California Girl!

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