Sunday, September 4, 2011

South Carolina

We made it to Louisiana, through Mississippi and Alabama to Georgia and then to Fripp Island, South Carolina. Eden has learned to sleep in the car. The first day she slept for only 30 minutes at a time, the next day she took an hour nap in the car {and I thought it was fabulous} but then on the last leg of the trip, she took a TWO hour nap! I couldn't have been any happier!!!!

We've made trips around the island in the golf cart, we've gone to the beach and we've gone to the pool. Eden has loved everything about Fripp so far - except having to get OFF the golf cart. She shows no fear of the ocean which only intensifies my fear of her in the ocean. I would love for her to have a respectful fear of the water and the waves. I do love that she doesn't like the sand very much. When she has sand on her feet she will say "ucky."

I have a lot of pictures to upload from before the trip, during the drive, and from so far at the beach. I've taken advantage of nap time by going to the pool with my nieces and my nephew without having to carry Eden in the water, so my normal "blog time" has been taken over. The weather today has been pretty crummy so far this morning, so maybe I'll be able to sit down to the computer again at some point today to upload all the pictures I need to. If not today, I promise I will sooner than later!

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