Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Times

Alright, I'm using the blog today in order to procrastinate on getting things done around here before family gets in next week and Lane gets his wings on Friday! Oh wow, can it really be?! Just 3 more flights {in addition to the 2 he's completing *fingers crossed* today} and then we welcome family starting next Tuesday and then WINGS! I'm so proud of him for everything he's accomplished in the past few years. Not many people can say their husband is a pilot for the Marine Corps - but I can!

Ok, but back to what I really got on here to say. I promised Fripp pictures, and Fripp pictures is what you'll get {and these are just from my phone}! I'll post the rest later today, hopefully. Enjoy the trip, we did :)
August 30 - The trip started with a visit to the doctor to see the new baby! (S)he looks good and the doctor was happy with the heartbeat and Eden was confused when we showed her the ultrasound and told her it was a baby.

August 30 - Then the trip was underway and Eden took a few naps {while hording her toys}.

August 31 - She's still hoarding toys, but she's given up on sleep. Not really, she started taking good naps in the car.

September 1 - In the car with everyone else sleeping too. She took a 2 hour nap this leg of the trip!

September 1 - Noah was asleep too!

September 1 - Alyssa took a nap at the same time.

September 1 - And Mimi slept too! The trip was very quiet.

September 2 - Eden loved golf cart rides. Especially the ones that ended at the pool or the "beak" {beach}.

September 3 - She started to get the hang of digging in the sand with the toys.

September 4 - Eden was smiling for the camera so we could send Daddy a "nigh nigh" picture.

September 6 - Eden sleeping in her crib one night. Her crib was in the master bedroom walk-in closet because it was vented and it allowed her to have her own "room." Notice her paci on the shelf next to her since she doesn't have bumpers for when she drops hers in her sleep.

September 7 - Eden wearing Alyssa's sunglasses with Mimi.

September 7 - Eden went home with Mimi to take a nap and I got to sit out at the Cabana Club and relax looking over the marsh as the tide came in.

September 8 - We rented bikes and Eden loved her little trailer to go for a "ride."

September 11 - We stopped for lunch {after a series of u-turns} at McDonald's and Alyssa checked her hamburger to make sure it was plain. It was...and it was missing a bite. I wouldn't let her eat it, I made her change it with them for a new one.

September 13 - Is Eden sleeping? Nope! She's just playing in the backseat...or keeping the sun out of her eyes. Not too sure!

September  13 - WELCOME HOME! Only 6 more hours...

September 13 - Yep, we're back in Texas alright!

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