Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayers Please

Today didn't have an easy start for many in the Daigle family. Lane's dad got the call we've all been dreading for a while now. This morning he was told that Grandma Daigle wasn't doing well and that her hospice nurse didn't expect that she'd live beyond 24 hours. She's been on hospice care for a few months now, so we knew the call would come soon, but none of us wanted to actually get the call.

As the day went on, there weren't really any changes and Grandma seemed to be pretty lucid for being so close to her time on earth to come to an end. Most of the day her pain level stayed the same and her children and other close family were close by her side. Lane called me about an hour ago to let me know that Grandma passed peacefully with her family surrounding her. She got to walk through those pearly gates into the loving arms of Grandpa, who we all know was waiting to embrace her!

I cannot help but think that God was watching over her and took her to his kingdom at a time that was the right time, His time. She passed away at a time that Lane's sister and her family were already flying in to visit and at a time when Eden and I would be passing through town in a few days on our way home from Fripp. He was sure to see to it that as many family members were together as possible! What a blessing through the heartache.

This is a hard time for many people. Though we know she's in a better place, we will miss her. Please, keep us in your prayers as we mourn the loss of Grandma and celebrate the life that she lived.

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