Friday, September 16, 2011

Fripp Pictures

Ok, so I lied. A few times. But I didn't mean to, and I have good explanation for it - promise! 1. Lane only got one flight done yesterday, boo. 2. I didn't post pictures from Fripp that were on my camera. Here's the good explanation though...Lane was home yesterday afternoon with nothing to plan for because it wasn't scheduled to fly today. Meaning, I had an afternoon and all {well, most} of today with him so I didn't want to sit on the computer and upload pictures. Please forgive me! Oh, and brace yourselves...there are A LOT of pictures coming your way!
The first golf cart ride of the trip. It didn't matter how late we got there, we were going on a ride.

Eden loved going for a "ride."

Hold on!

Pop had to talk her into walking on the sand. She thought it was "ucky."

Weirded out by the fact that the water moved.

She quickly got the hang of it and LOVED the water.

We couldn't get her to smile at the camera, but she would smile when we asked her to.

This is Eden's silly face.

She needed a hand to hold on the trek back up to the chairs from the water.

I told her to "relax" and this is how she sat in her seat...well, my seat.

She got the hang of playing with sand toys and digging with the shovels.  Her cousins were great teachers.

Movie night with the whole family. We watched Tarzan this year.

Kenna and Eden needed to get the sand off of them before going into the house after being at the beach. Eden sits in the sand and therefore had lots in her diaper, so she got to get naked outside for her shower.

Color of the year: PINK!

Of course we had to do a 1...2...3...! picture.

With Lauren, about to head to the beach for more family pictures.

Mimi and Pop with their grandkids.


Mimi and Pop with their kids.

The Daigles {that were able to make it}

Sara and Parker

The Gregorys

I tried to get a few pictures of Eden by herself because this was September 4, the day that she turned 18 months! Such a big girl!!!

Walking to the golf cart with Alyssa and Kenna.

Eden with Uncle Parker

We came back from pictures and this deer thought he was going to crash our circus night.

Todd {the sword swallower} Pop {the ring master} and Parker {the muscle man}

Mimi {the bearded woman} and Becca {the popcorn vendor} 

Kenna and Sara {the clowns}

Noah {the leopard} Brittany {the elephant} and Eden {the lion}

Lauren, Alyssa, and Karen {the trapeze artists}

The whole family full of circus clowns!

Our photo op.

After our whipped cream competition. We had to find 2 gumballs  in a pie tin of whipped cream and blow a bubble first.

Eden with her pool at the beach. What a wonderful idea I stole from someone so she didn't have to be in the ocean to be in the water.

Eden relaxing with Pop.

Sidewalk chalk with Alyssa.

Pizza night with the family. We tried to go Monday before Parker and Sara had to leave, but the restaurant was closed for Labor Day.

At the pier to watch the sunset.

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  1. What an awesome family vacation! Y'all are so creative and fun! I would just have to add a Game Night :) Love all the pics!!