Sunday, September 4, 2011

Before the Fripp Tripp

Here are some of the promised pictures from before we left Texas to make the LONG journey {24 hours total} to Fripp Island {with multiple stops along the way}.
August 20 - Eden loves her baby doll and hugs her all the time. She's started noticing the dolls and stuffed animals, so she's another level of "pretend" fun now!
August 20 - When Daddy's away, I'm just proud of myself for actually using the stove...even if it is just for grilled cheese and canned grean beans.

August 21 - 12 weeks, there's the bump. I got on the treadmill to do couch to 5k again.

August 22 - Eden with her colored shaving cream. She was happy in the beginning, but didn't like that it changed the water colors.

August 23 - Eden and Nelson poking his bellybutton. After I took this and looked at it, Lane and I laughed a whole lot because of how the picture comes across.

August 23 - And so we took more pictures!

August 23 - I left the kitchen for just a few seconds, came back and she had climbed onto the kitchen table to get into her rice bucket.

August 24 - Eden got a new stroller and it is by far her favorite toy. We take it on walks around the block, to the mailbox {everyday}, and walks in circles around the house over and over and over and over again.

August 25 - The rain cloud that loomed over the house all afternoon and left us with nothing...

August 25 - Eden looking at the rain cloud. She looks so peaceful.

August 26 - Eden dipped her tortalini in the sauce, but also smeared the sauce all over the table, her face, and her chair.

August 27 - Eden was feeding the baby her "cheerios."
August 28 - Happy Birthday Edwina. Too bad Eden never really cooperated for the picture and this is the best we got.

August 29 - The start of Lane's winging banner to congratulate him on finishing flight school. Only 19 more days from today! Wow, I can't believe its almost here already.

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