Sunday, September 25, 2011

Come and Gone

It's official...we're all alone. But we're all alone as THREE for at least a week!!! All of our family has left town to head home, and the visit was much too short {but isn't it always?!} Eden woke up from her nap today asking for Mimi, Gamma {Grandma} and whoever else she didn't see when we came downstairs. She loved having her cousin here to play with, and she got lots of love and hugs and kisses from lots of family!

It will take a few days for her to adjust to the quiet house I'm sure, but hopefully we'll all get caught up on some lost sleep in those few days! We never did stay up too late, or get up too early, but we were always going or trying to figure out our next meal, so I'm tired for sure. I napped today while Eden did and it was a fabulous nap if I do say so myself. I hope family is able to catch up on some z's as they get home and settled in.

Now the time comes for us to sit and wait to get orders to move to California {I feel like we just went through this to get to Texas!} We're supposed to be there before December and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't take that long to get the orders. There's much more to do in San Diego than here in Corpus Christi - and let's face it, fall is upon us and we had a heat index of 103 yesterday. Not quite the fall I was hoping for!

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  1. Yes but some of us aren't really ready for you to leave!!! It will be very bittersweet!! Enjoy your family time you 3!!!!